As we get closer to the end of the year, it also reflects how close we’re getting to finishing off the new Multi-Learning Space. The outside has been looking great and it’s exciting to see the inside take shape. We can’t wait to welcome students into these labs in the new year.


Throwback to sunnier weather on Friday when we started seeing the front panels and external cladding added to the MLS. It’s amazing the difference a few days can make. We are loving the framing the street trees provide to the building. Thanks to all of our neighbours and community members who have been so supportive through the process. Not long now!


Recent works have seen the concrete being poured, the roof sheeting installed and electrical work started. It is exciting to see the building’s presence nestling its way into our campus.


The MLS structure is taking shape as the steelworks are put into place. We can start to see the shape and footprint of the building and just how much it will reinvigorate our Primary space.


The above-ground steel works have started this week, with the wall columns being installed today. Next are the large roof beams, wall girts and roof purlins. Depending on weather, this stage should take around three weeks. Very exciting to see it take shape.


While the skies were grey, not even the rain couldn’t hold off the anticipation for the first concrete pour on the MLS site this morning. It was all systems go and smiles all round.


It was exciting to see the cages for the MLS column footings lowered in today. Following a range of works below ground, we can now start to see the footprint of the building taking shape. Builder Terry Sheppard excitedly explained the ‘snow-shoe effect’ of the cage footings.


The site is now set for works to begin on the Multi Learning Space (MLS) today. We will provide milestone updates throughout the project.


Information stands have now been set up in the Reception and Student Services Areas of the School including graphics and an animation. All are welcome to pop by and check it out.


Following the Development Application (DA) approval and planning around traffic management and noise controls, we are excited to announce that works on the Multi Learning Space will commence on Monday, May 3.

The project will be built and managed by TJ Sheppard. The building schedule estimates that construction will be completed before Term 4, which starts on October 12.

A traffic management plan has outlined that no construction traffic will enter the campus via the main Doveridge Drive entrance to ensure the turning circle and pick-up area traffic remain flowing. Construction traffic will have their own entry via the current double gates onto the Primary Oval, which will be cordoned off to stop anyone from parking in this area.

The School community has also been reminded not to park on the verges or obstruct any driveways, and that the City Ranger will be making more regular rounds during the construction.

The DA also stipulates strict adherence to Council noise regulations. There will be controls in place to minimise noise disruption including no radios and directions to wet down any extra dust, which will be adhered to by the building company.

The site will be fenced with mesh to block direct views of construction where possible.

The building was designed by Kirstie Stewart Architect, with landscaping finalised by Plan E.

See basic plans below.