Term 2, Week 8

Children’s University – Let’s Explore WA!

I saw some lovely examples of what learning outside the classroom can look like at today’s stamping session and so wonderful to see that sometimes it involves the whole family getting out and about!

With the school holidays less than a month away, many of you are likely to be planning a little trip somewhere in WA.  If you and your family are heading away, why not research a little about where you are going before you get there ….. AND earn one hour in your CU passport at the same time.  Attached is a Challenge set by ECU to explore our WA towns.  If you are not going away, you can still complete the challenge and maybe it will inspire you to travel to a town in WA you have not explored before.

Remember passport stamping sessions are every Tuesday in the Primary Forum from 8.15am.  Don’t feel like you need to have completed lots of activities to get your passport stamped.  One activity at a time is fine and makes for a quick and easy stamping session.  Demand for stamping sessions in Term 3 can get high as students try to qualify for graduation and can lead to long waiting times for passports to be stamped.

Makuru Music Showcase


Create a “Bucket of Love”

Starting Over Support (SOS) are an offshoot of People Who Care. They do not receive any funding and rely on volunteers and donations. They support individuals and families who have suffered domestic crisis. Once the consumers have been granted housing, SOS provide essential items for a functioning household, from the front door mat through to the back door mat. This year our school will be supporting them through the WACD program to purchase single mattresses and second-hand fridges.

We would love for each Primary class to fill two buckets. Our Captains have already distributed buckets to all classrooms and we would appreciate if our generous community could donate any items from the suggested list . This fundraiser will close on 28 June. We thank you in advance for your donation.

Creating your “Bucket of Love”
Fill it with any of the items listed below:
• Micro Cloths
• Toilet Cleaner
• Toilet Brush
• Sponges and Scourers
• Laundry Liquid
• Dishwashing Liquid
• Spray and Wipe
• Pegs
• Disinfectants
• Dustpan and Brush
• Mops and Brooms


End of Term Canteen Meal Deal


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