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Dietary requirements URGENT!

Hello Everyone,

As per the previous post, where Mrs Kirby is asking for dietary requirements. This deadline has been moved forward. Please can you Duncraig people email me, by latest tomorrow (Tuesday 31st July if you DO have any dietary requirements. Mr Fielding needs this information urgently.

My email is

Thank you for your assistance

Mr Lance Owen

Dietary Requirements for flights

Dear Bethany Home Tour 2018 Students

Our travel agent need to know whether there are any dietary requirements for flights. Please email me any requirements by 10th August.Thank you so much.

Kind regards

Mrs Nicola Kirby



Save the date

Dear Bethany Tour Students

This is our last term before we head off to Malaysia. I’m so looking forward to sharing this experience with you all. Please save the following dates for meetings & fundraising this term:

Friday 17 August 4-5pm – Meeting in round room , Admin, Duncraig

Friday 7 September 4-5pm -Meeting in round room , Admin, Duncraig

Saturday 8 September 7.30am- 4.30pm Bunnings Sausage sizzle fundraiser at Whitfords.

For our first meeting please have your devotions prepared to hand in, as well as some sketches of your themed mural.

Remember to email us when you have arranged immunisation for Malaysia.

For the fundraiser please could you create a roster for the morning & afternoon shifts, depending on your availability. Thanks Brooke!

How’s your personal fundraising going? Let us know how well you’ve done.