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We’re here!

Our second day on the Bethany tour and it continues to be fun filled. After everyone had a good nights sleep, breakfast at the hotel was a good start to the day. Then at 10am after cases had been packed and stored away, we had our second visit to the Times Square shopping mall for that final bit of window shopping. Everyone made their way to the 5th floor to look at the roller coaster, and to make plans later next week to go on it.

At midday our coach arrived and after a couple of hours we had lunch at McDonalds, then an hour later we arrived at Bethany Homes. Reverend Eliezer was warm and welcoming and showed us to our accomodation. A quick tour of Bethany Homes facilites then it was time for the Sunday Service, comprising of lots of singing, sharing and a sermon.

After the service we had dinner at the cafe and then in a minibus to the local supermarkets to pick up the final bits of shopping. The day finished with a chat in the lounge area at Bethany were all the students shared their thoughts on the day. To a person, their first impressions were that everyone is very loving and that this is a wonderful place to be.

Tomorrow the students start in earnest going into classes and helping out the teachers. At the end of the school day we will be starting on our mural.

Finally happy 10th birthday to Ruby with lots of love from Abbie. Happy Birthday Ruby!

Here are some photos from today.


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Communication & Bethany Home Tour Update

Dear Bethany Home Tour Students

Mr Owen & myself are excited & looking forward to serving at Bethany Home, Malaysia with you all very soon. We will see you bright & early at 3.30am this Saturday, 29 September. We’ll meet near Singapore Airlines Departures (check in) at Terminal 1. Our flight number is SQ224.  Double check that you have your passport before you leave home.

It might be a good idea to pack a couple of snack bars in your hand luggage e.g. muesli bars, just in case we have a long wait at KL customs like last year.

Mr Mark Fielding is the designated school contact person whilst we are away: 92432492 or email

In an emergency Mr Owen & myself can be contacted on the international mobile 0438605188. However, we will be in regular contact via the blog, posting photos & descriptions of our activities most days. We look forward to reading your comments whilst we’re away. Students are expected to keep their mobile contact to a minimal to encourage a supportive & interactive team spirit within the group.

At Bethany Home some students may have the opportunity to assist the physiotherapist with 1 or 2 students in the pool. You will be required to wear a swimming cap. I have packed a SSS swim cap as a spare , but if you have one please include in your packing.

Think that’s all for now.

Happy packing

Mrs Nicola Kirby



Fantastic effort from everyone

Today Carramar finished off their  two day event Cake Sale! Parsa and Monique raised $200 for Bethany with their efforts. Also significant additional contributions have been made by the girls to add to the overall total. Thank you everyone from Duncraig and Carramar as well as your parents for giving the  time and effort required to raise money for Bethany. Currently we are standing around $11,000 money raised, this really is a spectacular effort. Well done!

Mr Owen and Mrs Kirby

Carramar current Cake Sale profit

Well done Parsa and Monique, we are currently on a $91.60 profit. So our second day of Cake selling tomorrow will be all profit! Break time is from 10:40 to 11:05 so if you can get your two tressle tables set up to the side of Parresia, by the window of Mr Gilchrist’s office that would be great. Again great job today, let’s finish strong tomorrow (Thursday). Well done!

Mr Owen

Carramar Girls

Parsa and Monique, you have been given permission to wear your Bethany shirt all of next week. Look forward to seeing you round school!

Mr Owen

Useful Information

Hello Everyone,

First of all well done for the fantastic money raising effort last weekend, and well done Mrs Kirby for organising the sausage sizzle.

Only a short time to go now before we head off to Bethany. Please take not of the following:

We will meet inside Terminal 1 of Perth airport at 3:30am on Saturday 29th September. Please could you all be wearing your Bethany shirt. Flight number is SQ224.

Your suitcase must be no more than 30Kg, I would be aiming between 20 and 25Kg. It would be a good idea to weight you bag on your bathroom scales before heading off to the airport. Hand luggage can be no more than 7Kg.

Below is the recommended packing list

  • 4-5 changes of casual clothing -3/4 pants (happy pants) and polo shirts are best
  • Bethany House Tour Shirts
  • 5 pair undergarments
  • 1 pair board shorts/bathers & old dark-coloured t-shirt
  • 1 pair of jeans/ long casual trousers/tracksuit pants
  • 2 nighties/ pyjamas
  • 1 warm jacket/jumper
  • 2 pairs of shoes and socks
  • 1 pair thongs/ slip-0ns (for pool)
  • 1 sarong (optional)
  • 1 towel and face cloth
  • Hat


  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Shampoo (small container)
  • Deodorant (not pressure pack)
  • Soap
  • Wet ones/face wipes/antiseptic gel
  • Hairbrush
  • 1 small box/packet tissues


  • 1 small torch
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack/cabin bag
  • Money belt
  • Camera (strict care needs to be taken to prevent loss)
  • Watch
  • School I.D. card/contact details
  • Mobile phone & charger
  • Converter plug
  • Sunscreen & RID (insect repellent) i.e. Deet 20
  • Blow-up travel pillow (optional)
  • Diary/Small exercise book (optional)
  • Contact numbers and email addresses

Travellers are reminded that all personal possessions are the owner’s responsibility at ALL times. If your camera is lent to anyone, it is still your responsibility lost or stolen. Please ensure you luggage is clearly labelled both inside and out, this it is secure and can be padlocked. Make sure you bring the keys (and maybe consider asking someone to carry a spare set)

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Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Well done to our Bethany Home Tour team yesterday for all your efforts.

We raised a fantastic $977 for Bethany Home. This will go a long way in Malaysian Ringgits to support them.

Thank you for working so well together as a team.

Bethany Home Meeting 7 Sept

Looking forward to catching up with our ten Bethany Home Tour 2018 Students for a meeting this Friday between 4 & 5pm in the Round Room, Admin Building, Duncraig campus.

Please bring to the meeting: your prepared devotions, pictures/sketches for the mural & a final note of how much you have collected & deposited with finance dept. fundraising for Bethany.

Thank you Brooke for organising the roster for the Sausage sizzle fundraiser at Bunnings, Whitfords this Saturday.

Urgent- please remind your parents to send an email concerning immunisation to myself,  stating the following as an example:

“I/We are happy that my/our child (name) is/will be  sufficiently immunised for Bethany Home Tour 2018 to Malaysia.”

Reminders for this are for: Mikayla Goldberg, Kiah Timms Alicia Harrison & Abbie Callaghan. I am presenting all the medical information to Mr Fielding beginning of next week, so would appreciate your speedy reply.

The trip is going to be fantastic and I’m sure we are all  going to have an extraordinary time.

Thank you

Kind regards