Day 3 – The Journey Continues

The day kickstarted with the usual 7am start. After our filling breakfast, we attended our daily devotions where Mikayla spoke about love, with help from Stacey. The day was more sunny than humid which made our walk more pleasant than usual, aerobics was as normal, with our same routine.

Abbie and Stacey found themselves in the Lighthouse right after breakfast until lunchtime. They came back with bags full of boxes for the café and later spent time in physio throwing balls and playing games. Monique and Mikayla assisted levels 1 & 2 playing team games in the hall as well as taking the kids for a walk trying to improve their ability to focus. They found themselves singing about chickens and watermelons as well as practicing a dance for the kid’s Thanksgiving Service and practicing to write. After the younger level’s nap time, Monique spent the remaining part of the afternoon connecting blocks with the level 4’s. Alicia and Brooke spent a majority of their day at the café painting plaques for the upcoming Thanksgiving Service. The two girls also played outside with the 5 & 6’s, teaching them the names of stationary and completing puzzles. Jordan spent his day with the Working Skill’s group, where they spent time gardening and later had a feast at Maccas. Kiah spent the morning helping with the level 4’s and singing songs like “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as well as beading with the children. The level 3’s were fairly similar. They practiced to spell as well as placing blocks within their colours and shapes. The 3’s and 4’s combined within the afternoon in one class completing activities with Kiah and I. As school came to a close, Kiah and I spent a majority of our time outlining the sketches of the mural.

We had about 3 hours until dinner, finding ourselves dancing the Macarena as Kiah unexpectedly knew all the Spanish lyrics.The whole group headed out at about 6pm for dinner. We had a 15 minute walk ‘till we reached the Chinese restaurant. Drinks where spilled, chopsticks were dropped and an in-depth Q & A was held. Everybody was happy with the food, the sweet and sour chicken being arguably the favourite. The night ended with another ice-cream stop at a local gas station, everybody was happy with their pick. The group has definitely become closer over the past couple of days, wishing the best for what’s to come.

Parsa xoxo


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