Oh this is nice!

The morning started with a devotion, this time taken by Brooke, and then Abbie presented her drawing and reading books to Rev Eliezer. We then took the students for their daily walk, before the aerobics session. We had time to be with the students and teachers for the first lesson of the day between 9:00 and 10:00 am.

At 10:30 the bus left Bethany Homes for our 5 hour trip north to Penang. Three quarters of our way into the journey we reminded our driver that we would like lunch, so a stop at McDonalds helped fortify us for the remain 45 minutes to the Park Royal Hotel. The large open plan for the foyer area, the large seating arrangements and the ’tilting’ glasses filled with tropical juice was a wonderful way to start our next 3 days.

After unpacking the students wondered around the hotel familiarising themselves with all of the amenities, where the breakfast area is, the pools and the gym area, etc. Mr Owen could not resist and was the first to take advantage of the warm pool.

At 7pm, we met in the foyer and headed off to the food area, we negotiated all of the market sellers setting up their stall and sat together once we had reached the food area. Ordering our food is a little different. You go to up any number of stalls, each selling something different, such as English, Italian, Malaysian, Chinese food. You pick your meal and then tell the food stall staff which table you are sitting at. They bring the food to you and Mr Owen pays them there.

Once we had had our meal, the students split up into groups to do some market window shopping, seeing what they might buying tomorrow evening. Around 9:00 we met at Starbucks and then headed back to the hotel for a swim, before heading back to our rooms around 9:30.

Tomorrow we have our tour around Penang.

Mr Owen

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