Rest & Relax

Where has that week gone? Time to rest and relax after a leisurely breakfast. Our Bethany Team enjoyed swimming in the resort pool, working out at the gym, coffee at Starbucks, playing Uno & generally chilling out at the resort. Some even did some school work! Their own  Phys. Ed. Studies & Mrs Kirby ran an hours Human Biology Genetics tutorial.

Students were very happy to have their washing done at the local laundromat. All fresh & laundered for next week.

Tonight we had such a treat for dinner. Check out the photos later. We treated ourselves to a meal at the Ferringhi Garden Restaurant. Such beautiful tropical surroundings and exquisite food & service. A great way to celebrate our last night in Penang.

Mr Own used to have a Bass voice, but now he has lost his voice & singing Soprano! No Karaoke tonight then in the resort lounge!

Mrs Nicola Kirby

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  1. Such beautiful photos! What an amazing week it has been for you all. Have a fabulous second week and I look forward to hearing all about it. Keep safe!x

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