Travel with Sparks of Excitement

Once again the day started with a delicious buffet breakfast at the Cinnamon Restaurant at Parkroyal hotel. This was followed by some last minute packing before an exhausting a 5-6 hour bus ride back to Bethany. We had a short stop at McDonalds for some lunch, where Jordan and Kiah tackled the Mega Mac, involving 4 meat patties. Voices of angles could be heard as everyone enjoyed singing along to some intense throwbacks and classic Disney numbers. Along with this, came a thrilling few rounds of the game, Mafia.

The arrival at Bethany was an interesting time, beginning with everyone being locked out of their rooms for the first 20 minutes. Suddenly a great storm came upon us, where an intense bolt of lightning struck a palm tree not far from us, catching it on fire. This created an immense crash that made Mrs Kirby jump out of her skin. This also resulted in all the power being cut.

We then began practicing our routines for the morning aerobics session on Wednesday, with each group of 3 picking a song and creating a simple yet enthusiastic routine. The Sunday afternoon service then began soon after this, with Mrs Kirby delivering a wonderful message on the promises of God. We finished the day with a last minute invitation to a teacher’s son’s 21st birthday celebrations and dinner.

We are all looking forward to start working the children again tomorrow morning.


Jordan and Brooke

P.S. That’s the tea

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