Back into the routine

The girls this morning woke to a startle realising they had slept through all the alarms and then immediately saw Stacey’s face, with her buffed up eyes, it seems a mosquito had bitten here.  Some cold press and anti-histamines eventually brought the swelling down. We all scrambled to get ready and met the rest of the group in headquarters for a filling breakfast of toast. This morning’s devotion was on ‘compassion’ which was led very well by Abbie with Alicia as her assistant.

Parsa and Kiah spent the morning in levels 3 and 4 placing balls in egg cartons and improving the student’s skills of the alphabet. Mikayla, Stacey, Abbie and Jordan spent the morning in the café painting plaques. They and Brooke went to Physio where they were throwing and catching balls with students. Abbie and Stacey were lucky enough to enter the sensory room where they relaxed. Mikayla and Brooke them helped the students in Work Skills make keychains with encouraging words on them. Alicia and Monique spent the morning working with the level 1 and 2’s where they took turns to race and place cups of water in buckets. Let’s just say they had more water on them than what was filled in the buckets. Afterwards, back in the classroom they helped the students practise their dancing for the upcoming Thanksgiving Service.

During the afternoon session, everyone participated in team games with some of the older students. We were all split into pairs and put with a group of Bethany students. The aim of the team games was that at each station depending on how successful the group was, they were given points and the team with the most points won. The team games consisted of a circuit which tested many skills such as; throwing rings onto a stake, firing a slingshot at tin cans and the ability to have a strong stomach against some very sour and bitter foods (including half a lime with full skin and seeds). After lunch, Jordan had the opportunity to work with a level one student in the hydrotherapy pool while Kiah and Parsa designed the cover of a reflections book which is going to be filled in by everyone over the next couple of days.

After the Bethany students had gone home for the day, it was time for the team to start painting on the ‘Wonderland’ mural. There were debates about colours but in the end, everyone agreed that we wanted to make it as bright and as happy looking as possible. By the end of the afternoon most of the mural was painted and a good proportion of the music playlist had been blasted through the speaker. Brooke, Alicia and Monique also spent the afternoon choregraphing another aerobics routine for Wednesday’s session. Everyone was very tired by this point and came together in headquarters to relax and chat.

Due to some wild weather tonight, we were unable to make it to the markets. Mr Owen was deemed the hero when he faced the weather to buy us all take away from the local café. We were all very thankful, he entered the welcoming room with a round of applause. The second night at Bethany this week ended with games such as spoons and mafia and a whole lot of laughs.

Lots of love,

Kiah and Monique xxx



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