Another busy day

In the morning Parsa opened with the devotion about determination and how it links in with our lives. We then did our daily walk and aerobics with the students. After this we all spilt off on our separate ways.

Monique went to the Physio in the morning where they played team games and coordinated balls into tins. Monique then went to the Lighthouse after morning tea where she then folded clothes and screwed bolts.

Parsa went to the café where she had the difficult task of figuring out how to create boxes, she then went to the Physio.

Mikayla also accompanied Monique to the Physio and acted as a techwiz helping the Physio room have some music.

Jordan went to the Special Needs Unit (SNU) in the morning and after morning tea went to the Lighthouse with Mr Owen where they tied a total of 771 brackets! Jordan then went to the Work Skills workshop where he helped a boy make keychains.

Stacey went to a Level 2 class where she had to walk without on gravel without any shoes to stimulate and wake up a sleepy student. She then went to the SNU where two students worked on hand eye coordination.

Brooke was at the Physio where she played team games with the students and then attended the Lighthouse. After lunch, Brooke then went to the Physio and threw balls with a boy.

Kiah was at the café with Parsa where they had to attempt to make boxes without a template. Kiah then escaped the café experience and went off to the Physio where she mopped the floor and was also the  technical support person.

Alicia went to Level 5 and helped a boy to do basic addition and to tell the time. She then went to SNU and helped a boy with hand eye coordination. After lunch she attended the Physio where she helped a girl to make threaded bags.

Abbie went to level 6 in the morning where she helped a girl to tell the time and do basic addition. After lunch she went to the Work Skills workshop where the older boys are and helped them to bead beautiful keychains.

After school had finished, Mr Owen dropped yet another bucket of paint on the pavement. Kiah, Parsa, Alicia, Monique, Mikayla , Stacey and Brooke painted the mural. The mural has come a long way and is looking amazing, but we still have a lot to do to get it done in time for Thursday. Abbie, Stacey, Brooke and Jordan had henna designs painted on their hand by Philomena who is one of the Bethany teachers.

We all then attended the Taman Desa Bernam Baru (Boys Group Home) for dinner. We were so welcomed and we soon started playing a number of ball games with the children and everyone had a blast. Dinner was then served and it was a delightful home cooked Malaysian dinner. After this we went back to Bethany where we rehearsed and performed our routines for our aerobics tomorrow morning to Mr Owen and Mrs Kirby.

Lots of Love,

Abbie and Alicia





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