Day 12 and 13 : Last full day at Bethany and Goodbyes

Yesterday began as usual and ran smoothly. Everybody attended their classes and helped out wherever they could. The afternoon was consumed by the mural. All of us frantically trying to finish it while still making sure it looked great. A gigantic puddle of green paint mixed with rain water took over the ramp leading into the grass. We placed the finishing touches after dinner and can easily say that all of us were very proud of what we eventually accomplished. We all had henna on our hands or forearms before dinner and this was  done by the lovely Philomena. She spent a great deal of time on the intricate detail on everyone’s designs.

We all joined some members of staff for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Everybody was pleased and a good game of Chinese whispers topped it all off. A walk to the watch tower consumed our evening. The tower was a small replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, lit up by a rainbow of colours. Our last full day came to an amazing conclusion and I can definitely say on behalf of everyone that our time at Bethany couldn’t have been better and we are so grateful for all the time that we were able to spend at the home.

Our last day has been very emotional, the devotional was done by Brooke and Jordan, then came the long goodbyes. Goodbye to the staff and the children by walking them around the tree for the last time. Goodbye to all the aerobic sessions, with Mr Owen helping demonstrate (to some extent) the aerobic moves on stage. After this all goodbyes were made by Mr Owen and Mrs Kirby gave their thanks to the staff, and Rev Eliezer gave us all gifts. Finally now with tears in all our eyes a pupil from each class came up and gave each of us a gift. It was with a heavy heart that we said farewell as the coach left Bethany.

On our arrival at KL, we spent sometime at the shopping centre, enjoying going on the rollercoaster. This evening we are spending our time in China Town.

Parsa xoxo

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  1. The mural looks amazing! Well done all of you on giving a little bit of yourselves to other who need it. It will have changed you and them xx

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