Student Tour Reflections

Bethany Home Tour 2018 Reflections

Kiah Timms

The entire trip was amazing, but the thing that impacted me the most was watching the teachers interact with the kids. The level of dedication, compassion and patience that they exhibit is insane & I was consistently amazed. Their genuine love for the children is inspiring and I was really moved by their abilities to connect so strongly to each individual kid. I hope to be able to bring those kinds of attitudes and values into my life.

Mikayla Goldberg

One thing that stands out to me the most from this trip was how the students continuously chose happiness. Everything they said or did was out of happiness and love. They were so grateful for everything they had and you see it on their faces. This taught me to choose happiness and to be grateful for everything and everyone I have because I am so lucky.

Stacey Williams

A memorable moment for me wasn’t really a moment but more of an everyday occurrence. Every morning I’d walk with a young girl who was very quiet and when you were walking she’d always go ‘shhh’ and put her finger over her mouth and I’d do the same, then she’d giggle. Just seeing her smile from the smallest thing really makes you appreciate the smallest things in life. This trip has definitely changed me and made me realise how thankful I am for the little things in life.

Parsa Sonboli

The most memorable moment for me would be the children’s progress and the commitment of the teachers. After spending several days with one of the girls in level 3, I think that she felt more comfortable with me and was more open & confident. The teachers’ behaviour dad to day towards the children was absolutely amazing. They were so patient towards the kids and you could tell that they loved them to bits. Knowing that they spend every day helping these children seems to me such an extraordinary task. They really do put their heart and soul into what they do.

Monique Madsen

Choosing one memorable moment during this trip is almost impossible ,but one thing I will take away are the infectious smiles and happiness of the children at Bethany. The children were always grateful for everything, even the little things. This has made me appreciate the small things in life now. What also touched me was the way the staff went out of their way to make the children be the best that they could be & make Bethany feel like a normal school. This tour has taught me to be grateful and appreciate everything, because it has made me realise how fortunate we really are. This tour has also encouraged me to venture further out into the world in the future to take part in more volunteer work similar to Bethany. The Bethany Tour has truly been an unforgettable and rewarding experience!

Jordan Carter

This experience has changed the way I think, speak and act. It has impacted me so greatly that I am hoping to go back one day and give back to them the great experience that they gave to me. I especially loved walking into the hall in the morning and just being greeted with genuine smiles. That is one of the qualities of Bethany Home; genuine smiles all round. This is such a once in a life time experience for me – it has changed me so much & I want to return one day. The kids at Bethany Home are so special and I will miss seeing their smiling faces each morning.

Alicia Harrison

A memorable moment for me is how one of the students would be so excited about seeing the bus each morning. When you would respond to him or point out the bus he would be ecstatic. This has taught me to appreciate the small things in life. This particular student enabled me to be more confident when in a new environment with new people. This tour has helped me really appreciate my life and I wouldn’t change the experience for the world.

Abbie Callaghan

The most memorable experience I have had of this trip was working with the kids at Bethany Home and always seeing their smiling faces each morning. On the last day we were saying our goodbyes & the students were all standing and singing to us. We could sense the impact we’d had on the children. It is hard for me to put into words how this tour has changed me, however, it is an experience that I will never forget!!

Brooke Lawler

The most memorable moment for me was watching the progress made by a female student in Physio who was learning to tell the time. It was amazing to see how one day she was really struggling to remember which order the minutes go in and then next, being able to recall them confidently. This has really shown me how the good things in life, as simple as they may be, can take time. It has also reminded me to stay patient and not to get frustrated when things don’t happen straight away.

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  1. What beautiful reflections of an amazing life changing trip. I felt teary reading them after following your journey so can imagine how hard the goodbyes were along with the desire to return. Huge thanks to Mr Owen and Mrs Kirby for all your hard work and looking after our children. Hope everyone has enjoyed a well deserved rest in their own bed xx

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