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Carramar presentations

Hello Parsa and Monique

I have sent you a link to the Bethany PowerPoint presentation. This will help you both for our Parresia House Assembly presentation this Friday. I will catch up with you both either today (Monday) or Tuesday to see what help you might need from me. Secondly please take note of Mrs Kirby’s message on Messenger. We have our Bethany Home Tour debrief this Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 in the Community room at Duncraig. A per Mrs Kirby’s message please could you both prepare a short 3 minute talk on your designated slides.

Thank your

Mr Owen

Carramar visit to Rocky Bay

Hello Monique and Parsa,

We have our visit to Rocky Bay this coming Tuesday 23 rd October. It will be from 10:15 to 1pm. Please can you both be at Admin for 10:15 this Tuesday.


Mr Owen

Day 12 and 13 : Last full day at Bethany and Goodbyes

Yesterday began as usual and ran smoothly. Everybody attended their classes and helped out wherever they could. The afternoon was consumed by the mural. All of us frantically trying to finish it while still making sure it looked great. A gigantic puddle of green paint mixed with rain water took over the ramp leading into the grass. We placed the finishing touches after dinner and can easily say that all of us were very proud of what we eventually accomplished. We all had henna on our hands or forearms before dinner and this was  done by the lovely Philomena. She spent a great deal of time on the intricate detail on everyone’s designs.

We all joined some members of staff for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Everybody was pleased and a good game of Chinese whispers topped it all off. A walk to the watch tower consumed our evening. The tower was a small replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, lit up by a rainbow of colours. Our last full day came to an amazing conclusion and I can definitely say on behalf of everyone that our time at Bethany couldn’t have been better and we are so grateful for all the time that we were able to spend at the home.

Our last day has been very emotional, the devotional was done by Brooke and Jordan, then came the long goodbyes. Goodbye to the staff and the children by walking them around the tree for the last time. Goodbye to all the aerobic sessions, with Mr Owen helping demonstrate (to some extent) the aerobic moves on stage. After this all goodbyes were made by Mr Owen and Mrs Kirby gave their thanks to the staff, and Rev Eliezer gave us all gifts. Finally now with tears in all our eyes a pupil from each class came up and gave each of us a gift. It was with a heavy heart that we said farewell as the coach left Bethany.

On our arrival at KL, we spent sometime at the shopping centre, enjoying going on the rollercoaster. This evening we are spending our time in China Town.

Parsa xoxo

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Another busy day

In the morning Parsa opened with the devotion about determination and how it links in with our lives. We then did our daily walk and aerobics with the students. After this we all spilt off on our separate ways.

Monique went to the Physio in the morning where they played team games and coordinated balls into tins. Monique then went to the Lighthouse after morning tea where she then folded clothes and screwed bolts.

Parsa went to the café where she had the difficult task of figuring out how to create boxes, she then went to the Physio.

Mikayla also accompanied Monique to the Physio and acted as a techwiz helping the Physio room have some music.

Jordan went to the Special Needs Unit (SNU) in the morning and after morning tea went to the Lighthouse with Mr Owen where they tied a total of 771 brackets! Jordan then went to the Work Skills workshop where he helped a boy make keychains.

Stacey went to a Level 2 class where she had to walk without on gravel without any shoes to stimulate and wake up a sleepy student. She then went to the SNU where two students worked on hand eye coordination.

Brooke was at the Physio where she played team games with the students and then attended the Lighthouse. After lunch, Brooke then went to the Physio and threw balls with a boy.

Kiah was at the café with Parsa where they had to attempt to make boxes without a template. Kiah then escaped the café experience and went off to the Physio where she mopped the floor and was also the  technical support person.

Alicia went to Level 5 and helped a boy to do basic addition and to tell the time. She then went to SNU and helped a boy with hand eye coordination. After lunch she attended the Physio where she helped a girl to make threaded bags.

Abbie went to level 6 in the morning where she helped a girl to tell the time and do basic addition. After lunch she went to the Work Skills workshop where the older boys are and helped them to bead beautiful keychains.

After school had finished, Mr Owen dropped yet another bucket of paint on the pavement. Kiah, Parsa, Alicia, Monique, Mikayla , Stacey and Brooke painted the mural. The mural has come a long way and is looking amazing, but we still have a lot to do to get it done in time for Thursday. Abbie, Stacey, Brooke and Jordan had henna designs painted on their hand by Philomena who is one of the Bethany teachers.

We all then attended the Taman Desa Bernam Baru (Boys Group Home) for dinner. We were so welcomed and we soon started playing a number of ball games with the children and everyone had a blast. Dinner was then served and it was a delightful home cooked Malaysian dinner. After this we went back to Bethany where we rehearsed and performed our routines for our aerobics tomorrow morning to Mr Owen and Mrs Kirby.

Lots of Love,

Abbie and Alicia





Back into the routine

The girls this morning woke to a startle realising they had slept through all the alarms and then immediately saw Stacey’s face, with her buffed up eyes, it seems a mosquito had bitten here.  Some cold press and anti-histamines eventually brought the swelling down. We all scrambled to get ready and met the rest of the group in headquarters for a filling breakfast of toast. This morning’s devotion was on ‘compassion’ which was led very well by Abbie with Alicia as her assistant.

Parsa and Kiah spent the morning in levels 3 and 4 placing balls in egg cartons and improving the student’s skills of the alphabet. Mikayla, Stacey, Abbie and Jordan spent the morning in the café painting plaques. They and Brooke went to Physio where they were throwing and catching balls with students. Abbie and Stacey were lucky enough to enter the sensory room where they relaxed. Mikayla and Brooke them helped the students in Work Skills make keychains with encouraging words on them. Alicia and Monique spent the morning working with the level 1 and 2’s where they took turns to race and place cups of water in buckets. Let’s just say they had more water on them than what was filled in the buckets. Afterwards, back in the classroom they helped the students practise their dancing for the upcoming Thanksgiving Service.

During the afternoon session, everyone participated in team games with some of the older students. We were all split into pairs and put with a group of Bethany students. The aim of the team games was that at each station depending on how successful the group was, they were given points and the team with the most points won. The team games consisted of a circuit which tested many skills such as; throwing rings onto a stake, firing a slingshot at tin cans and the ability to have a strong stomach against some very sour and bitter foods (including half a lime with full skin and seeds). After lunch, Jordan had the opportunity to work with a level one student in the hydrotherapy pool while Kiah and Parsa designed the cover of a reflections book which is going to be filled in by everyone over the next couple of days.

After the Bethany students had gone home for the day, it was time for the team to start painting on the ‘Wonderland’ mural. There were debates about colours but in the end, everyone agreed that we wanted to make it as bright and as happy looking as possible. By the end of the afternoon most of the mural was painted and a good proportion of the music playlist had been blasted through the speaker. Brooke, Alicia and Monique also spent the afternoon choregraphing another aerobics routine for Wednesday’s session. Everyone was very tired by this point and came together in headquarters to relax and chat.

Due to some wild weather tonight, we were unable to make it to the markets. Mr Owen was deemed the hero when he faced the weather to buy us all take away from the local café. We were all very thankful, he entered the welcoming room with a round of applause. The second night at Bethany this week ended with games such as spoons and mafia and a whole lot of laughs.

Lots of love,

Kiah and Monique xxx



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Travel with Sparks of Excitement

Once again the day started with a delicious buffet breakfast at the Cinnamon Restaurant at Parkroyal hotel. This was followed by some last minute packing before an exhausting a 5-6 hour bus ride back to Bethany. We had a short stop at McDonalds for some lunch, where Jordan and Kiah tackled the Mega Mac, involving 4 meat patties. Voices of angles could be heard as everyone enjoyed singing along to some intense throwbacks and classic Disney numbers. Along with this, came a thrilling few rounds of the game, Mafia.

The arrival at Bethany was an interesting time, beginning with everyone being locked out of their rooms for the first 20 minutes. Suddenly a great storm came upon us, where an intense bolt of lightning struck a palm tree not far from us, catching it on fire. This created an immense crash that made Mrs Kirby jump out of her skin. This also resulted in all the power being cut.

We then began practicing our routines for the morning aerobics session on Wednesday, with each group of 3 picking a song and creating a simple yet enthusiastic routine. The Sunday afternoon service then began soon after this, with Mrs Kirby delivering a wonderful message on the promises of God. We finished the day with a last minute invitation to a teacher’s son’s 21st birthday celebrations and dinner.

We are all looking forward to start working the children again tomorrow morning.


Jordan and Brooke

P.S. That’s the tea

Oh this is nice!

The morning started with a devotion, this time taken by Brooke, and then Abbie presented her drawing and reading books to Rev Eliezer. We then took the students for their daily walk, before the aerobics session. We had time to be with the students and teachers for the first lesson of the day between 9:00 and 10:00 am.

At 10:30 the bus left Bethany Homes for our 5 hour trip north to Penang. Three quarters of our way into the journey we reminded our driver that we would like lunch, so a stop at McDonalds helped fortify us for the remain 45 minutes to the Park Royal Hotel. The large open plan for the foyer area, the large seating arrangements and the ’tilting’ glasses filled with tropical juice was a wonderful way to start our next 3 days.

After unpacking the students wondered around the hotel familiarising themselves with all of the amenities, where the breakfast area is, the pools and the gym area, etc. Mr Owen could not resist and was the first to take advantage of the warm pool.

At 7pm, we met in the foyer and headed off to the food area, we negotiated all of the market sellers setting up their stall and sat together once we had reached the food area. Ordering our food is a little different. You go to up any number of stalls, each selling something different, such as English, Italian, Malaysian, Chinese food. You pick your meal and then tell the food stall staff which table you are sitting at. They bring the food to you and Mr Owen pays them there.

Once we had had our meal, the students split up into groups to do some market window shopping, seeing what they might buying tomorrow evening. Around 9:00 we met at Starbucks and then headed back to the hotel for a swim, before heading back to our rooms around 9:30.

Tomorrow we have our tour around Penang.

Mr Owen

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Day 3 – The Journey Continues

The day kickstarted with the usual 7am start. After our filling breakfast, we attended our daily devotions where Mikayla spoke about love, with help from Stacey. The day was more sunny than humid which made our walk more pleasant than usual, aerobics was as normal, with our same routine.

Abbie and Stacey found themselves in the Lighthouse right after breakfast until lunchtime. They came back with bags full of boxes for the café and later spent time in physio throwing balls and playing games. Monique and Mikayla assisted levels 1 & 2 playing team games in the hall as well as taking the kids for a walk trying to improve their ability to focus. They found themselves singing about chickens and watermelons as well as practicing a dance for the kid’s Thanksgiving Service and practicing to write. After the younger level’s nap time, Monique spent the remaining part of the afternoon connecting blocks with the level 4’s. Alicia and Brooke spent a majority of their day at the café painting plaques for the upcoming Thanksgiving Service. The two girls also played outside with the 5 & 6’s, teaching them the names of stationary and completing puzzles. Jordan spent his day with the Working Skill’s group, where they spent time gardening and later had a feast at Maccas. Kiah spent the morning helping with the level 4’s and singing songs like “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as well as beading with the children. The level 3’s were fairly similar. They practiced to spell as well as placing blocks within their colours and shapes. The 3’s and 4’s combined within the afternoon in one class completing activities with Kiah and I. As school came to a close, Kiah and I spent a majority of our time outlining the sketches of the mural.

We had about 3 hours until dinner, finding ourselves dancing the Macarena as Kiah unexpectedly knew all the Spanish lyrics.The whole group headed out at about 6pm for dinner. We had a 15 minute walk ‘till we reached the Chinese restaurant. Drinks where spilled, chopsticks were dropped and an in-depth Q & A was held. Everybody was happy with the food, the sweet and sour chicken being arguably the favourite. The night ended with another ice-cream stop at a local gas station, everybody was happy with their pick. The group has definitely become closer over the past couple of days, wishing the best for what’s to come.

Parsa xoxo


Day Two!

The day started off with Kiah talking about purpose and God’s plans for everything we do. We then took the students for their daily morning walk and aerobics. Abbie helped a boy with the dance moves during the aerobics session so that he could do all the moves.

In the morning, Alicia and Mikayla were the first two students to visit the Lighthouse and no it is not an actual lighthouse on the beach. They participated in screwing nuts and bolts together with the older students who could be entering the work place. Jordan went to the Special Needs Unit in the morning with Stacey and Monique, where they helped the students to match coloured balls in corresponding buckets. They also did beading and Stacey helped a student count to ten in English.  Abbie went to Level One where she sang songs about fish and watermelon. She helped two students learn the names of fruit and then play memory games on the iPads. Brooke was in Level Six where she taught the students to do basic addition and gardening. Parsa and Kiah were in the seniors group where they helped them bead key chains and then helped them clean.

After lunch, Stacey decided to stay with the Special Needs Unit, and Brooke and Abbie joined her. They beaded, cut paper and played with the blocks. Kiah and Parsa spent the afternoon at the Physio where they were sorting bags for the cafe. Alicia and Monique went to the seniors group and helped them bead key chains (there seems to be a theme occurring today). They then decided to take over from Parsa and Kiah in the Physio.  Jordan and Mikayla went to Level Five where they helped the students to cut in straight lines.

Once school was finished Kiah, Parsa and Monique drew the template for what is soon to be our mural. The rest of us hung out in HQ and got ready to go out to dinner.We went to a local Malaysian cafe where we all ordered a variety of foods. It was Brooke and Alicia’s first time using chopsticks and it was evident that Alicia hadn’t used them before as she used them upside-down for a solid 20 minutes! Lets just say she was very embarrassed! On the way home Mr Owen treated us to ice-creams before we headed back to Bethany.

We are now currently trying to find songs for us to create our own unique aerobics routine for the children next week.

Lots of love,

Abbie and Alicia xox