Day 2: 6 October 2019

Dear All,

Today we woke up and had a buffet breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we packed up our suitcases and bags and relaxed in our hotel rooms until it was time to check out. While waiting for the bus to arrive to collect us we played a round of Cheat, which Bree won.

When the bus arrived, it was a lot larger than we all were expecting which we were very grateful for. On the way to Bethany we observed many interesting things including; palm trees, various forms of greenery, buildings, and many temples. We also noticed that the traffic rules are non-existent, which we were quite shocked by. And before we arrived we enjoyed several games of ‘Mafia’ and then went for a Maccas run.

When we arrived at Bethany Home we had a good look around whilst waiting for the Reverend. Then we got settled into our room & cranked up the air conditioning & bathed ourselves in mosquito repellent. We all gathered in the HQ and enjoyed a few round of various card games.

Then we went our for dinner and ate some yummy Chinese which was thoroughly enjoyed with Reverend Eleizer & his wife, Sarah.

From your ACTUAL favourite Bethany Girls,

Isobelle & Meetal

Waiting for the bus to Bethany


Cards before dinner

3 happy girls that tucked in!

Really tasty Chinese cuisine!


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