Day 3: 7 October 2019

Hey all,

Today was our first day working at Bethany Home. We were excited to meet all the students when they arrived this morning. The first thing we did was attend a Devotion led by Asher and Emma where we sang hymns and a Tamil song.

We then took the students for a walk out the front of the home, followed by aerobics. After this we split off into seperate classrooms where we helped out different students. Caitlin, Meetal and Emily helped out in a PE class; Sarah, Bree and Izzy helped out with the high needs class; Jorja helped out with motor skills and English in a Level 4 class; and Asher and Emma helped in a life skills class. After helping out, we all had lunch supplied by the Bethany staff which was delicious.

After lunch, Bree helped out in the hydro-pool and everyone else started stage one (the undercoat) of our mural. The Bethany staff then organised a bocce game where Bree, Meetal, Miss Prosser, and Mr Torquato (the yellow team) dominated. Sarah, Izzy, Jorja, and Caitlin shot photos for their album cover, coming soon (see photos below). We then relaxed in our rooms and played cards until we walked to the street markets to buy our dinner and the odd pair of happy-pants. For dinner, people had fried rice, noodles and chicken, corn on the cob and oranges (for Bree). We then played charades, cards and music to finish off the day.

Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing the students again.

Lots of love,

Your bestest Bethany gals (Sarah and Caitlin)


Starting the day!

Morning Walk

Lunch.. mmmm!

Mural Stage 1

As only Bree can!

What’s going on? Mmmm!


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  1. Great to read your narratives SSS students!
    Looks like you’re having a wonderful time.
    Best wishes and enjoy!

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