Hi everyone


Can you believe that we will be in Cambodia in one week.  I am sure that we are all getting very excited.  Please send you thoughts to Skye. She has hurt her knee and will not be going on the tour (but I hope she comes to Joondalup on the 3rd)

Scroll through the blog and double check if there is any advice you have missed and you have logged on to the Facebook page and there is nothing left for you to do.

I went to Big W the other day and brought mens shorts ($10 for black shorts).  Boys shorts have pockets with zips and velcro – something most girl shorts don’t have. This is a very good idea if you want to take your phone with you on site.  You don’t need to go out and buy new clothes but it is a good idea to not take clothes that cost too much money.  The dust is very red and you sweat like crazy.  Remember – white socks are not a great idea and you will need gardening gloves to protect your hands while we are working with bamboo and timber.  You also need good solid shoes while on site. Trainers are good but don’t take your best shoes.  Mine still have a light red ting to them.  You also need a hat.  The school hat was fantastic last year and is highly recommended.

Big congratulations to all the students at the barbecue. We heard you did an amazing job. Am looking forward to seeing you all on the 3rd Jan for hot chocolate.

Have a safe New Years and see you at Joondalup or at the airport. Either way – still keep an eye on the blog and facebook page in case Mr Taylor or myself think of anything else we can suggest before we leave.

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