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Hi everyone


Thanks for the lovely hot chocolate today.  It promoted a few thoughts and ideas and I have summarised them here for you.


Flights (reminder – be there at 4am on the 6th Jan)

6 January Singapore Airlines SQ224 Perth- Singapore 0640 (arrival 11.55)

6 January Silkair MI 608 Singapore – Phnom Penh 1630 (arrive 5.25)

17 January Silkaire MI 636 Siem Reap – Singapore 1825

18 January Singapore Airlines SQ 225 Singapore – Perth 0010

I looked up the terminal on line.  It is terminal 1.  However, please check in case there have been changes and contact a fellow student if you are going to be late or are a little worried about where to go.


I do not know the other two hotels but our first hotel is The Frangipani Living Arts Hotel


Basic Itinerary

St Stephen’s 2018

Gastro Kit

I have been asked about the ‘gastro kit’. There is no such thing as a gastro kit; however, if you go to a pharmacy or your doctor and ask for items that can help with gastro (hydrolytes, pills you can take before you eat etc etc) you can make your own kit. Please see a doctor or a pharmacist to make an educated decision (if you feel you want to take a personalised kit)

Adaptor and power board

Last year RAW impact picked us up adaptors for a really cheap price (20cents).  I am going to email them today to ask them to purchase some more for us.  You can also get them at the Russian markets very cheaply.  I would also recommend bringing a power board because you have two people per room and once you factor in mobile phones, apple watches, speakers etc, a power board is a very handy thing.


As we know, US Dollars are used in Cambodia.  I was asked today about the travel cards.  They would be fantastic; however, I would still recommend having some small US denotations.  I personally made the decision to have nothing over a ten dollar note and I have lots of fives and ones.  If you go to a deli to get a can of coke and you have a US $20 note, then you will get all the change back in Cambodian money.  Please remember – this is a suggestion and you can choose to take what every you would like.


Sleep out

When we go to the village to sleep out – we need to keep it light.  It is a good idea to have a small travel pillow and I found that I was – surprisingly – cold. If you do get a little chilly, a long sleeved shirt, thick socks and a light beenie might help.  However, we are sleeping in a village house and taking a lot of stuff is not a good idea.



Don’t forget to practice the basics.  This is a great little video even though it is a home video.  We used the informal version and you will be thrilled to have this basic info. I used all the words she teaches you in this video.

I have also included a video on the market as we will go shopping.  I think phrases like – how much is this, I would like to buy etc would be very helpful.



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