Almost there

Hi everyone


Looking forward to seeing you at the airport.

If you have printed your visa – that’s great.  If you haven’t – I have printed one for you. Make sure you take a picture of your visa and your passport and email it to yourself.  We all have copies of your paperwork; however, it is a great habit to get into.  If your passport is stolen then you will always have a copy.


Clothes – please remember to pack conservative clothes.  No stomach, thighs, buts, boobs please.  We don’t need you to dress like nuns but we do need conservative.  It was a joy last year to not have to discuss clothing with any of our girls – hoping it will be another year of not having to discuss or tell people to change their clothes before we go out.

If you have any queries – I will check my email again at around half seven (hoping to get an early night) and then again at three when I get up.  Can’t wait to get this show finally on the road.

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