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Day 3 – Blog

Adam & Paul

Day 3 was the first day on site. We met the RAW Crew at 8, and left for the work site by 9. We were originally told we were going to be finishing a house for a family, turns out we had to dig 8 massive holes instead. It caught us all a little by surprise, but we happily got in, and gave it a crack.

15 minutes flew by, the holes were progressing quickly and some of us were already onto their third bottle of water. It was hot. Very hot. Obstacles presented themselves in the forms of tree roots and concrete, we hit them pretty early and it took a lot off hard work to shift the holes to dig around the concrete and unearth the roots.

About an hour in, the 8 holes were relatively deep, and our backs were very sore, the scale of the project quickly becoming apparent. If you weren’t busy digging holes or cutting wood, there was always a kid or two to entertain, running around chaotically, a beaming smile ever present on their faces.

The hard work made us pretty hungry, and lunch did not disappoint. Traditional Cambodian food was prepared, which was readily snapped up by the 25+ hungry bellies. The food consisted of, Rice, Fried rice, a lovely vegetarian curry #notyourmumnotyourmilk, some fried noodles, an assortment of fried vegetables, plenty of local fruit and a bag of hydralyte, to replenish all of the electrolytes we had sweated out. After lunch the work was very similar but the extra heat of the afternoon added an additional challenge. After our first big day of work, most of us participated in a water aerobics class lead by our very own Callum Smith in the hotel pool. Participants included Mr Taylor.

The water aerobics helped loosen our tense, dehydrated bodies, and gave us a good chuckle throughout. Definitely a future career option for the multitalented wedding photographer.

We cleaned up and went to a local diner and once again enjoyed the asian cuisine presented to thy hungry mouths. We hit the bed hard, tired but eagerly awaiting tomorrow.

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