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Meeting today!

Hi everyone!

Change of venue today due to our Art Exhibition, see you in Carana House (House closest to the gym)

Starting at 4pm and  we imagine we will be finished no later than 5pm !

Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle & Miss Glacken



Meeting postponed

Hi everyone

We are scheduled to have a meeting tomorrow after school however it will have to be postponed until Thursday 18/10 next week   –   4pm at Duncraig Campus.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Not long to go until we leave on our trip , I am sure you are getting excited – you should be!

Seeing some good movement in the EDH accounts keep up the great work and a reminder to put all money into your account as soon as you get it:)

Also a reminder about the Fete on Saturday 27/10 at Duncraig – at this stage we will be selling frangipanis, jam and some bush posies. We will need to organise a roster for all students at our meeting next week. It would be great if everyone could do at least 2 hours whether you have reached your total or not. Should be fun!


Looking forward to catching up.

Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle and Miss Glacken

Bunnings BBQ 7/9

Many thanks to those of you who were able to help out at Bunnings Joondalup on Friday. Bit of a quiet day but we still managed nearly $500 profit which has been divided and sent to your EDH accounts.

With holidays coming it will be a great time to get a jump on your fundraising totals. Congratulations to the 7 students who have surpassed their targets and many thanks for continuing to assist your team mates at school fundraising events – shout out to Analiese and Alex for their work  and Sascha who had good intentions but missed the bus….. 🙂

You are doing a great job and you will realise how great when you get to Cambodia!


Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle and Ms Glacken




Hi everyone

Thank you and well done to all students and parents who worked at our Sausage Sizzle on Saturday. Weather conditions were not great but it appears that it was good weather for eating sausages. Our profit for the day was approximately $1500 and you will see a jump in your EDH account this week some time:)

Congratulations to Josie, Munish, Sophie and Analiese who have already achieved their  fundraising target and also to Alex, Faye, Abi, Luan, Lauren, Ami and Emma who have now passed the half way mark!  Our next joint fundraising event is at Bunnings in Joondalup on Friday 7/9 and we will operate in 2 shifts. Work is underway for our ‘Festival of Frangipani’ at the school fete , jams continue to sell well and there are numerous events happening in the next few weeks. So with a little bit of hard work in the next couple of months fundraising should be under control.

Our next cross-campus meeting is Thursday 16/8 at 4pm at the Carramar campus and we will have a special guest to introduce you to the Khmer language  as well as an update from Andrew at RAW (including choosing the colour of our t-shirts.) It is important that you all attend this compulsory meeting. Time is moving quickly!

Thanks you all once again, we are really enjoying working with you.

See you soon.

Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle & Ms Glacken

The calm before the storm….literally 🙂






Bunnings Sausage Sizzle tomorrow!

Just a reminder about our Bunnings sausage sizzle at Mindarie tomorrow. I have put in an order for better weather so we will surely have a fine day 🙂

Please be prompt for your shift and if you need to contact me my number is 0417 704 944. If you have a spare hour or so in the afternoon we could probably do with an extra person then but we will be fine.

Fundraising will be allocated on a points basis with each hour of service gaining you 1 pt and once our total is  worked out the funds will be entered into your EDH account  according to your points.

I am sure we will have a fun and profitable day! All for a very good cause #rawimpactorg

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Term 3 Fundraising & Bunnings Roster Saturday 4/8

Welcome to Term 3, I hope that the holidays have been useful to get your major fundraising plans underway. You really need to get the bulk of your fundraising done by the end of this term so please let your teachers know what you are doing  and ask for advice and/or permission where required. If you have money that you have not put into your Everyday Hero Account please do that asap. Some people have made great progress and others I am sure are ready to get it moving this term. That way we can concentrate on our trip organisation next term!   🙂

BBQ Roster

Thanks for all of the offers of assistance I think that our roster is just about full however if you are unable to do your shift please arrange a swap or let a teacher know. We will organise sausages and buns and if anyone has any contacts with regards  to purchasing please get in touch. There will be teachers available for the set-up and pack-up in the afternoon and there is a parent allocated to each time-slot except for the 9am-11am time so  an adult presence at that time would be great.

  • 7.30am -9am –  Luan, Alex, Sean Emma plus staff
  • 9am-11am –  Luan, Luke,Alex, Ally and Ashleigh ** 1 parent required
  • 11am -1pm – Sophie,Faye, Analiese, Abi, Ami and Mrs Dique
  • 1pm-3pm – Lauren, Hilton Josh and Mrs Baldwin
  • 3pm- 4.30pm Emma, Hilton, Demi and Mrs Egan plus staff



Just a reminder that second payments for the trip are now due please use this link which can also be found in your acceptance letter  Cambodia Tour 2019


See you all soon

Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle and Ms Glacken

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Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Saturday 4 August

Hi everyone

Our first ‘Bunnings Sausage Sizzle’ will be held in Mindarie on Saturday 4/8. I have listed time-slots below and money will be allocated based on hours worked. Please have a look at the times and email me with your preferred times. First in gets the time! Parent help is also most welcome. We need no more than 5 people at each time-slot,bear in mind that the lunchtime slots                                                        will need most people.

My email is

Times are as follows:

7.30am-9am Set Up

9am – 11am



3pm- 4.30pm Pack up

Enjoy your break and we look forward to  some great fundraising events next term!


Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle and Ms Glacken




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Cultural meeting next Thursday 21/6

Angkor Wat temple

Hi Cambo team

Just a reminder about our get together on Thursday, this is our Cultural Meeting where you will learn a little more about Cambodia as well chat about upcoming fundraising events and also spend some time getting to know one another a little better.  There will be a couple of surprises and maybe even some cake! We will meet in Cousins Hall at Duncraig at 4pm, we should be finished by 5pm at the latest. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Mrs Libbis, Ms Glacken and Mr Biddle

Dates for Planning

Hi everyone

Welcome to our ‘Change the World – Cambodia Blog’

Everyone has now completely registered, set up their Everyday Hero Pages and I hope started planning their fundraising. It was great to catch up with the group last week -I think we are going to have a fantastic year!

Below are the dates we have planned for our Catch-Ups this year. Please remember that these are the compulsory meetings and make early arrangements to ensure you will be there. If there have to be any changes you will be notified asap.

Thursday 21/6 Cultural Meeting (Duncraig)

Thursday 16/8 Khmer Language (Carramar)

Thursday 11/10 Fundraising – finalising:) TBC

Tuesday 20/11 Parent Meeting (Duncraig)

Tuesday 27/11 Cambodian Dinner TBC

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions we are all available by email.

Good luck with your exams.

Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle and Ms Glacken

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