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Final Student Debrief next Tuesday

Hi everyone

We hope you have settled back into life back home, enjoyed the Ball and are now getting stuck into your Year 12 Studies!

We would like to hold our final De-brief ( including afternoon tea) next Tuesday 12/2  in Cousins Hall at Duncraig at 4pm.

It would be great to see all of you there. Parents are welcome to join us at 4.45pm if they would like to come along.

We are excited to have everyone back together again for one final debrief  & catch-up😊

Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle & Miss Glacken

On the way home!

Good morning all

What a great trip we have had! Unfortunately all good things come to an end and we head home shortly. I am sure you can’t wait to hear all the stories and see your gorgeous child, they have all been amazing.

Flight details:

SQ 215 Singapore Airlines 11.55pm tonight

Kind regards

Sue, Charles & Eleanor




Final Day of Building and handover

Finally decent Wifi!

Thursday 10 jan
Last day of building

Got to EPM (the site for the build) at about 9 and had a quick Pete Pep Talk to motivate us for the last day on site. Everyone got back to their jobs from the past few days and smashed out their work. My group was on stairs so we really tried to have the poles finished so we could do the slats after lunch. After a few hours of hard and focused work we stopped for lunch at i-block where Liv got a cake for her birthday 🙂
When it came to the end of the day, we hadn’t quite finished off the house – just had to put the roof on. It was so nice to see everyone encouraging each other to finish and do just a bit more. We finished off the stairs in record time, using the nail gun to hold the bamboo slats in. We all stood in front of the house for some photos and admired the work everyone had done. Pete told us that our St Stephen’s team has done the most work in 4 days than any other team which was impressive! It brings RAW closer to their goal of completely finishing a house in 4 days for a family in need.
We gathered in a circle so the family was able to thank us and tell us about what the house meant for them. The mother said that her youngest son previously owned no clothes and now he had some for 4 days, because of our work on the house. It’s amazing what we accomplished considering at home we would probably just be watching Netflix and sleeping. After we had said goodbye and good luck, we drove to i-block to begin our sleep out adventure.

Well done everyone for the effort you put in, we’ve now helped a family have a new start to their life.

Written by Demi
Edited by Lauren

Kratie Province

Arrived safely in Kratie Province after a long day on the bus- limited wifi but we are all well and ready for work on the bamboo plantation tomorrow. More details to come soon!

Day 2 and lots of progress!

Another day on the EPM site and a lot of progress was made. Every group continued with their individual jobs as soon as we arrived.  The roof team almost completely finished the skeleton and will be ready to to put the tin on tomorrow and it will then get lifted into place. The wall team almost finished all of the walls and the floor is done! The main four poles were put in place. Tomorrow we are set to start putting everything together and then it will start to look like a real house. We have begun to get used to the heat even though it wasn’t as hot today. Everyone worked really hard, including Sascha, even though she caught up on some sleep in the afternoon! We are really looking forward to tomorrow when the house starts to come together.


Abi and Faye 🙂

Photo credit to Munish 🙂

(Except for Sascha’s photo that credit goes to her friends….)


Hitting the ground running!

The first day of construction was a blur of power tools, sweat, dirt and dust. We hit the ground running with Pete and his Khmer crew giving us crash courses on angle grinders, drop saws, circular saws, sander, drills along with many other tools. So far we have completed all four stilts, half the walls, all the shades and are working our way through the bathroom and roof. We stopped at noon for lunch made by local Cambodian ladies which consisted of plenty of rice, curry, noodles, fried vegetables and fruit! We enjoyed our food  and also got time to spend playing with all the kids. We met the family that we are building the home for and the gratefulness they had for us was heart-warming. The dad is a fisherman while the mum takes care of their 6 small children at home. A hard day of work but extremely rewarding.

Analiese and Lauren

NB: No-one has lost any fingers yet!


Arrived safely

Arrived safely

Hi everyone,

We have arrived safely in Phnom Penh after an uneventful  but long day of travel! A speedy tuk tuk trip through the city , yummy dinner and we are now looking forward to the day ahead:)

More updates to come.

The 2019 Cambodia Team


One more sleep!


Well, the time has finally come and I hope you are as excited as we are !  I think you have all the information you need but feel free to get in touch with us at any time. There are no silly questions:)

Emergency contact number on the ground in Cambodia is 0489 994 307 – however this is emergency only. I will still be contactable by email and your child should have included you on our Facebook page with RAW – which will also have stories and photos from everyone. See you at 4am.

Merl Thae ( Take care)

Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle and Ms Glacken



You may want to revise some language from the Khmer App!


Put your passport in your bag now!!

Morning everyone

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are now fully focused on our trip which is only a week away! I have a few reminders for you but you should also refer to the packing list that was given to you at our last meeting. We will have your tickets for you at the airport.

  • Remember to  get to the airport by 4am (with your passport & wearing your RAW shirt)
  • Put a paper copy of your Visa in your hand luggage as back-up
  • Bring  your own personal sunblock, insect repellent and hand sanitiser
  • Don’t forget your broad brimmed hat, work gloves and sunglasses (you will need glasses to use power tools) for work days
  • Another hat, shoes and conservative casual clothes for after hours and travelling days.
  • American dollars in small denominations for spending money

Feel free to ask questions by commenting below or by email – I will be checking regularly. If it is urgent my contact number is 0417 704 944

You also received an email from RAW a couple of weeks ago requesting that you join the the ‘St Stephen’s 2019’ facebook page via a link- please do so and also add anyone who you think would like to follow our trip – family members, supporters and/or friends.

You are going to have an amazing time and  the staff are really look forward to sharing the experience with you all.


Mrs Libbis, Mr Biddle and Ms Glacken


Reminders for next week

Hi everyone

A reminder about our Final Parent meeting on Tuesday at 6.45pm in Cousins Hall at Duncraig. I know we have a couple of students and staff on the Biology camp but as long as there is a parent representative that will be fine. A couple of reminders;

  • E-visa needs to be completed
  • Email regarding immunisations sent to me
  • Shirts collected and paid for.
  • Numbers for our Cambodian Dinner at the Tamarind Cambodian Restaurant, Mount Hawthorn on Tuesday 27/11. Parents and Students are welcome!
  • Any extra fundraising money needs to go into EDH accounts

Thanks so much and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday evening.

Sue Libbis

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