Term 4 – Week 8 – Secondary Notices

Wishing Your Family a Safe and Happy Festive Season

It is always a pleasure to join together with our partners in learning, the parents, to acknowledge important milestones for our students and to celebrate their successes. The presentation evenings provide us an opportunity to look back over the achievements of the year with a sense of pride in goals met, challenges surmounted, and optimism; as well as enjoy the performances through the night.  Many thanks go to the large number of staff who worked tirelessly throughout the year to guide and support our students and much appreciation to the staff who helped organise and assist through the Evening Presentations.

As the holidays begin and Christmas approaches, we wish all parents and students a restful holiday and well-earned break, with time spent enjoying family and friends and the blessings bestowed upon us through the year.

Rosemarie Dunn

Head of Campus – Duncraig


The Arts dates for 2023

Please click the link to view all the Art dates for 2023

The Arts Learning Area Dates 2023


Music & Community Excellence Scholarships



Year 9 Mentor Pen Friends

The Year 9 mentors  receiving and reading the letters from their Year 2 buddies.

Nicola Ross

Teacher – Science

Year 11 Biology Camp

The Y11 ATAR Biology students from Duncraig campus went down South for 3 days to explore its amazing biodiversity! Within our time we studied 6 different ecosystems to truly appreciate the world around us. We explored the deep by visiting the underwater jetty, studied the human impacts on our bushland and beaches as well as going underground to see a slice of ecological history with cave formations older than the current human race!

Nicola Ross

Teacher – Science

Art opportunities – Community Art Exhibition and The Sketchbook Project

2023 Community Art Exhibition

Calling all local artists

Entries for next year’s Community Art Exhibition competition will open on Monday 12 December – Monday 13 February 2023. Consider this an early heads-up to start thinking about your entry, or even a chance to get started on creating your artwork.

There is a prize of $750 for the Student Award (ages 12 to 18), as well as six other monetary and commission prizes up for grabs.

The Community Art Exhibition is set to take place at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre from Sunday 26 March – Sunday 16 April 2023.

More information and how to enter can be found here https://www.joondalup.wa.gov.au/kb/resident/community-art-exhibition-13 or contact visualarts@joondalup.wa.gov.au


The Sketchbook Project

Please let your students know that Whitford Library is a going to be a library hub for Propel Youth Arts WA Sketchbook Project.

The Sketchbook Project is a collaborative and visual experience that provides an opportunity for young people to share their own personal stories and passions with the wider community across Western Australia.

Sketchbooks have provided a space for the greatest works and stories of our time to grow. Tell your own story using a sketchbook provided free of charge by Propel Youth Arts WA!

https://www.propel.org.au/sketchbook-project-2022 – Information about the project, Key dates, and link to the Info Sheet
https://form.jotform.com/221768939049875 – Direct link to register.

After registering, students can collect a blank sketchbook from Whitford Library in January. They will be contacted when their book is ready to collect.

They have 2 months to unleash their creativity and fill their sketchbook with their art, poetry – however they want to express themselves – before returning it to Whitford Library by the end of March.The Sketchbooks will be displayed in a micro-exhibition at Whitford Library, before being displayed at the Sketchbook Exhibition at the State Library after the KickstART Festival. Once that has wrapped up, the books go on a travelling tour around the state, visiting libraries all over WA.

The sketchbooks will be returned to students in Feb 2024.

Anita Cheetham
Youth and Children’s Services Officer (Mon, Wed am)
School Liaison Officer (Tues, Wed pm, Thu, Fri)
City of Joondalup

Funk Band rehearsal at Superfreak Studios

The Funk Band had a wonderful four hour rehearsal at Superfreak Rehearsal Studios on Saturday in preparation for their gig at the Carramar “A Night on the Green” this weekend.

The use of the studio was provided by Duncraig Parent Graham Hamilton and the students absolutely loved the opportunity. In addition to rehearsing with their director, Mr Bell, Mr Foster – our Jazz Piano tutor kindly filled in on piano as our regular pianist is unavailable for the gig!

As is tradition, copious amounts of pizza was also consumed!

Andrea Stimson

Director of Music – The Arts

Maths Empowering Girls Day

A group of Year 9 girls attended the Maths Empowering Girls day at Curtin University. The purpose of this day is to expose girls to the opportunities that are available from studying higher maths. The girls used VR Headsets to take measurements in space, they investigated how to pack a spaceship given the parameters of a weight limit of 80kg vs the benefits that each object would have, they used code to create patterns on Arduino and investigated the maths that was involved in fashion design. Most importantly they got to explore where Maths is used outside of the classroom. They all had an enjoyable day and are excited about all of the different possibilities ahead.

Laura Manley

Head of Learning Area – Mathematics


A reminder that our school subscribes to the Study Skills Handbook, and Education Plus students are regularly encouraged to access the activities at www.studyskillshandbook.com.au

Please find attached an article from the most recent update to the Handbook.



Critical Thinking Skills

There are many things you can do to develop your critical thinking skills before you come back to school next year.  Critical thinking is your ability to think clearly and rationally, reflecting and developing your thoughts. Sometimes we can get a bit lazy with our thinking and we only consider things at a superficial level. Here are some things you can do to enhance your critical thinking.

  1. CLARIFY YOUR THOUGHTS: The best way to clarify your thoughts is to try and explain your thinking to someone else. Even if you are talking to an imaginary person, you will find that explaining your thinking out loud helps you to see the flaws in your argument.
  2. QUESTION ASSUMPTIONS: Don’t take your thoughts for granted, every now and then think about why you believe a certain thought or how you know things to be true. Get in the habit of pausing and looking at what you are thinking and questioning what thoughts underlie your assumptions. Don’t just conform and accept a view because it is the popular one, instead pause and reflect on the arguments for and against that viewpoint and the strengths of each argument.
  3. LOOK FOR OTHER PERSPECTIVES: When you are presenting an argument, imagine yourself in a debate and think about what the opposing side might say. What would someone with a completely opposite view to you believe? Can you understand why they might think that way? Can you see some validity in their viewpoint?
  4. KEEP AN OPEN MIND: In order to look for other perspectives keep an open mind. If you immediately dismiss any thought that does not fit into the way you see the world, you will never be able to expand and develop your viewpoints, you will have a very fixed and limited view of the world.
  5. BE CURIOUS: Start to look outside the things you normally read and watch and think about. Learn more about things you know nothing about and were not previously interested in. Listen more to what people say, we learn so much more when we really listen rather than spend time planning what we will say next.
  6. MAKE INFORMED JUDGEMENTS: It is ok to not have an opinion about something because you don’t have enough information yet. Avoid rushing to judgements, take your time to gather information and evidence and assess it before making a decision. Try not to let yourself be swayed by emotion as this can affect your ability to assess information intellectually.



The Careers Newsletter is updated on a regular basis to keep our community informed of the changes that are constantly occurring in post-school pathways:


There are many different pathways for students to embark on as they transition to life beyond our school community, and these are discussed frequently at school events, in classes with students, and also with our staff.

One of the most recent updates for example, has been UWA’s announcement of a pilot program to enable a broader range of students to apply for entry to a select number of degrees from Semester 1, 2023. Experience-based entry is recognised by many universities and recognises there are many ways to measure a student’s potential to succeed at university taking into consideration a range of backgrounds and circumstances when assessing applications.


2023 School Fee Payment Options

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

In 2023, similar to 2022, Parents / Guardians will not be required to re-select a preferred payment method and frequency at the start of the school year.

The payment method (direct debit, or credit card, or BPAY) and frequency of payment (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, three or four instalments or annual upfront) that you had in place in 2022 will continue automatically in 2023.

The dates to note for payments (based on frequency) next year are:

1 upfront payment due on 31 January 2023 (2% discount); or

43 weekly payments starting on 2 February 2023; or

22 fortnightly payments starting on 2 February 2023; or

22 fortnightly payments starting on 9 February 2023; or

10 monthly payments starting on 2 February 2023; or

10 monthly payments starting on 17 February 2023; or

3 instalments on 18 February 2023, 18 May 2023 and 18 August 2023; or

4 instalments on 2 February 2023, 2 April 2023, 2 July 2023 and 2 October 2023.


You will not be required to take any action, unless you would like to change the method of payment or frequency of payments. In which case, please contact the Accounts Receivable team on 9243 2103 or email accountsreceivable@ststephens.wa.edu.au as soon as possible. Please note that there will be a surcharge of 0.9% on all credit card payments.

If you wish to change your credit card, or bank account details, you are able to do this at any time throughout the year via the Parent Portal. Click on the ‘School Payments’ tab and select login under Manage stored cards and direct debits to bank accounts or use the following link https://edinfo.ststephens.wa.edu.au/ManageStoredCards.aspx

In January 2023 your annual fee invoice will be available for you to view on the Parent Portal in the ‘School Payments’ tab by logging into Statements and receipt history or use the following link https://edinfo.ststephens.wa.edu.au/fin.aspx


All the best for the holidays and wishing you a Happy Christmas,

From the Accounts Receivable Team

World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day reminds us every November of how we as a community can make a difference to someone’s life. Making an intentional effort, even though it should not be the only day gives us pause for thought to think about how we communicate and act. If each one of us, did one act of kindness every day, the statistics for Australian alone would equate to 9.1 Billion acts of kindness a year.  There are also personal benefits from being kind. Research suggests that higher levels of kindness is associated with greater optimism, compassion, forgiveness, and goal mastery, as well as lower rates of anxiety as well as having a ripple effect on those around you. (Neimiec, 2017).

I read this week that ‘It’s not a thought or a feeling, kindness is actually when our feeling or thought is actually put into action.


Rosemarie Dunn

Head of Campus – Duncraig

Light Painting Year 9

“Light Painting” with the Year 9s yesterday. Students use a slow shutterspeed on their camera and a torch to then “paint” a picture using light. They have to move quick in order to not appear in the photo themselves.

James Hummerston

Teacher – Media



On Saturday the 12th of November, Duncraig Secondary competed in the First Lego League Competition. It involved building and coding Lego Robots to solve pre-set missions and developing and presenting an Innovation Project.

The theme for this year was Renewable Energy and the team’s project was a sustainable water fountain that could cool and filter the water by using hydro and solar power.  The team presented their project with a prototype (which they created using sustainable parts) and with a PowerPoint.

The missions consisted of Lego Models which represented Renewable Energy.  The team had three rounds of two and a half minutes each, to run code on a Lego Robot that would solve as many missions as possible.

A major part of the competition was to display Core Values in all aspects, which involved team work and good sportsmanship.  Part of our Core Values display was to build and give little Lego Monsters to the other teams, to show our support and encouragement.

The team has put a lot of extra time and effort into their preparations and with limited time available, still managed to deliver an exceptional performance to be proud of.

Retha Malan

Teacher – Secondary

Academic Task Force – January Holidays – Head Start Program for ATAR and Middle School Students

2023 January Head Start Courses

ATAR Head Start Courses for Years 11 & 12

Increase your understanding and confidence and start your Year 11 and 12 studies with an academic boost in Academic Task Force’s Head Start Courses. We are offering 6-hour courses (3 hrs a day, over 2 days) in Year 11 and 12 ATAR subjects, Essay Writing and Study Skills.

  • Start your year 11 and 12 studies with an academic boost
  • Gain an overview of the syllabus for your courses of study
  • Receive expert teaching from ATAR specialist teachers
  • Preview important concepts

Receive an excellent refresher for students who commenced the new year’s work in Term 4

Head Start Courses for Year 7-10

Get a flying start to the new school year with short courses in NAPLAN Preparation, English, Maths, Learning Skills, Essay Writing and GATE and Scholarship Exam Preparation.

  • Learn from WA’s top teachers
  • Small group classes for individual attention
  • Targeted help to ensure you develop your skills
  • Build confidence

Venues: Rossmoyne SHS and Churchlands SHS (12th – 24th Jan 2023) and Online (10th – 17th Jan 2023)

10% Early Bird Discount ends Monday December 12th, 2022

Enrol Online:  www.academicgroup.com.au  or Call:  9314 9500  or Email:  learn@academicgroup.com.au

2023_ATF Head Start Courses_Yr 7-10_Flyer

2023_ATF ATAR_Head Start Courses_Yr 11-12_Flyer


We had over 50 girls compete in the competition with a special mention to the year 11s who came and helped coach.

We entered two teams in the 9/10 competition and one team in the year 7/8 competition.

Our year 9/10 teams had a great day and really played well despite some tough opposition, but the big news of the day is that our Year 7/8 team went through the day UNDEFEATED!!!! That’s 4 pool games, a 1st place playoff, and a grand final!!! It was such a great end to the day as our Year 9/10 players all sat on the side and cheered the girls to victory, as well as getting around them with a rousing rendition of the school song in celebration.

Karry Plummer

Teacher – Health & Physical Education