A staggering $16,775 has been raised by our community in support of the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave! Duncraig staff and students braved the shave today – celebrating an amazing fundraising tally which will help families across Australia dealing with blood cancers. There’s still time to donate at

Adjudicator Training

After a long and demanding term, It was so good to see how willing staff were to give more of their valuable time to helping students improve and refine their debating skills.  Jacob Kerspien (class of 2015) came to share his vast knowledge of debating with St Stephen’s School staff.

Another Win

Year 9 boys CAS Basketball team, who emulated the Senior boys, and were crowned CAS Champions last night.

A slightly different format meant, they had to win by a margin of 40 points (a tough ask) to be guaranteed the title and as you can see by the scoreboard they achieved this in style!

This would have been their third title in as many years, if it wasn’t for COVID -19, having only lost one game during this time.

Congratulations Mrs Sarah Cooke & the two year 12 coaches (Zak and Joe)

CAS Champions 2021

Senior Boys Basketball team beat St Marks 64-43, in the CAS Grand Final this afternoon.

An amazing atmosphere was created by so many staff, parents, students and ex-students supporting the boys.

They have gone the entire season undefeated & been outstanding with their commitment to training.

Well done Mr Hotchkin!!!

They now go through to the ACC Champion Knockout phase next term.

Abrolhos Islands Expedition 2021

Last week our Year 11 and 12 Marine and Maritime Studies students travelled to the Abrolhos Islands, 60 km off the coast of Geraldton, for a week of amazing SCUBA diving. The students were treated to a fantastic array of tropical fish species, coral reefs and were able to dive in locations that very few people have the privilege to do so, arguably some of the best dive locations in the country. At the same time students are able to enhance their skills and gain further credit on their diving qualifications.

The Islands are also host to one of the earliest and bloodiest events in Australia Maritime history with the shipwreck and mutiny upon the Batavia in the 1600’s. Artefacts and relics still dot the sea floor and surrounding Islands. Students are led around some of the Islands to see these artefacts and hear the gruesome history of the Batavia.

Opportunities to learn about our marine environment and industries occurring on the Abrolhos are also provided. Speaking to conservationists who were night trapping and monitoring bird populations, working with pearl farmers as they remove glistening pearls from locally farmed oysters, catching crayfish in the pristine environment are just a few of the many highlights for our students, that provide a glimpse of future employment possibilities.

Diving over pristine coral reefs, camping in a remote location and finding out how things are “done in the bush” is an experience they will long remember with great fondness.

The Marine and Maritime Studies teachers run the excursion for those ATAR and General students who have an enthusiasm for this type of adventure. It is carried out in conjunction with professional diving instructors provided by Batavia Coast Dive Shop in Geraldton, with Geraldton TAFE providing the Skipper and crew and most importantly a large vessel, again showing our students the possibilities that this program can provide. Combined with a guided tour of the Geraldton TAFE Aquaculture program, highlighting further study and career pathways, the Abrolhos Islands Expedition is an invaluable learning experience for all of the students that attend.

Study Skills Handbook Tip for April


Are you riding a rollercoaster at school? Rollercoaster study is where you stay up late doing last minute assignments, then you take it easy for a while and do very little, then panic again when something is due and have to spend huge amounts of time at the end completing the work.  If you plan ahead and are prepared, you will find school much less stressful and more rewarding.

Here are the top tips for thinking ahead:

  1. STUDY NOTES: If you know that you have a test at the end of each topic or examinations approaching, then on the nights you do not have much homework start working on your study notes and summaries. File them in folders at home so they are ready to go when you need them.


  1. ASSIGNMENTS: Always start the assignment the day it is given to you, even if it is just a little bit. Make sure you understand the requirements and if you don’t ask your teacher straight away the next day. Brainstorm the steps the first night and do a rough plan of when you will do each step.


  1. ASK FOR HELP EARLY: There is nothing more frustrating than a student who says ‘I haven’t understood anything we did in the last 3 weeks’. Ask for help as soon as you have a problem. Keep a list of questions for your teacher on a post-it in your textbook or sticky notes on your computer or a list in your phone. Don’t let problems or issues build up, ask for help early and often.


  1. THINK ABOUT WHO YOU SIT NEXT TO: Choose wisely who you will sit with in class. This can make a world of difference to your results. If you sit with someone where it is a productive relationship, you encourage and help each other and stay on task in the classroom you will understand your work better and have less to do at home.


CONSIDER YOUR WEEK: Plan ahead for busy times. If you know you have nights where you can’t do much work or a busy weekend, plan ahead and get things done early. Always look ahead for

Learn more this year about how to improve your results and be more efficient and effective with your schoolwork by working through the units on  – our school’s access details are:

Username: ststephens



After a wonderful response to the St Stephen’s Imagineers after-school club pilot program in Term 1, we are excited to have Fire Tech on board to continue to grow the program for Term 2.

Those who booked in Term 1 have already had the chance to lock in their spots but there are still limited spots for any interested students in Years 5-7, including an extra class at the Duncraig Campus due to high demand.

The Clubs will again run at 3.30-4.30pm on Thursdays. At Duncraig it will take place in the upstairs and downstairs computer labs in the Lorraine Paul Centre and at Carramar in the Year 12 Study Lounge off the Library.

Again, all equipment is provided – students just need to use the power of imagination, creativity and innovation! Experienced tutors will guide students through activities that will engage engineering principles before their prototype is modelled, designed and printed in 3D and then brought to life using Robotics kits.

The Club will run every Thursday from April 29 to June 17, with the eight-week course costing $240.

Book now –