Research Folio- Task 9

To confirm, all I need for the research folio element of the current task is:


  • A log of EVERY website you visited and used in the production of your multimodal presentation
  • For EACH website, you need to write a short paragraph summary of the website which includes a description of its contents, the type of website it is (advertising, government, travel guide, social media etc.)
  • For EACH website, you need to write what information you used from the website.
  • Finally, for EACH website, you need to EVALUATE it and say WHY it was useful.

This can be sent as a Word document and uploaded to SEQTA in the usual manner. How you set it out is entirely up to you.

Hope this helps.


Also… to confirm… ALL work needs to be submitted to me by the 15th November AT THE VERY LATEST.

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