We Will Rock You – Holly + Alfie

Katrina Patient (nee. Dreckow) and Alison Balch graduated in the Class of 2001, and have recently reconnected on a work project. Katrina’s company, Platinum Entertainment WA, is producing We Will Rock You Perth, playing nine shows at His Majesty’s Theatre in March 2018. While Alison’s company – AmpersandMC is to undertake the publicity for the show.

What’s even more exciting is we have TWO current students who are in the show!

Our very own Holly and Alfie Jamieson are performing in We Will Rock You, as well as rehearsing for their parts of Sandy and Johnny Casino for our production of Grease!! Their talent and commitment to the performing arts is totally Amazing!

Alison has kindly organised discounted tickets of $40pp for the Matinee performance on the 24 March.  The seats are B-reserve (orange dots) and you are welcome to use the code below to book your own tickets.

Use the code SSS40 to access special offer $40 tickets via this link: http://tickets.ptt.wa.gov.au/single/PSDetail.aspx?psn=668

The process can be tricky so I have included the screenshots of where to input the code!  If there are any problems with purchasing you can call Perth Theatre Trust on 9265 0900. 


Supporting HeartKids.

 1. Enter promo code

2. Click on the grey map of the seating areas

3. On the new pop up select an orange seat

4. Click on the orange seat and in the new pop up select the

$40 ticket option

5. Repeat the process for as many tickets as you require

6. Scroll down and click on “checkout”



  1. I’ve got my ticket – can’t wait!! 😃


    1. I have my ticket also…. 🙂


  2. Getting one now!!! 🙂


  3. Hope to see some of you guys there! Alfie plays a GaGa Kid, I play a GaGa + Teen Queen 🙂


    1. Can’t wait to see you on stage! Your voice is AMAZING!!!!!!


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