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What to bring, communications and other important items

What to bring

Torch (headlamp or handheld; new batteries)

Personal first aid kit/regular medications (enough for the whole trip) – students will self-medicate unless arrangements made with staff (see Mr Kirby if necessary)

Sun protection (hat, cream, sunglasses)

Insect protection (Deet 40) – this MUST be used

One/two smart casual clothes for going out to dinner (modest)

Comfortable day wear shoes (walking, hiking, service)

Underclothes (of course!)

Cold weather (temp 5-15 c Woodstock, warmer around Delhi) clothes (school tracksuit, warm tops)

Water bottle to be carried

Small backpack for day use (and to use on plane)

Head scarf (scarf required for all girls visiting religious sites)

India tour shirts and hoodie (must wear at airports)

Warm sleep wear

Long pants

Service clothes (old suitable for painting)

Shorts (modest, suitable for hiking)

Warm weather (25-30 c) clothes (short-sleeve shirt)

Mobile devices and charger with India power adapter (phone for photographs and comms, alarm clock, etc.)

Pens (have at the airports)

Hand sanitiser, wet-wipes and tissues

Washing powder (small zip-lock bag)

Service related materials (Aussie culture activity, other)

Travel docs (passport, e-visa, etc) – have these ready at the airport

Luggage weight: The internal flight restricts us to about 15 kgs per checked luggage and 7 kgs cabin luggage. Please pack light!

Small amount of money for incidentals ($50-$100) – note: there are restrictions on how much Indian rupee you can take into the country – recommend using ATM in India – please check with your bank and register your ATM card for international usage.

Communications during tour: Students will be unlikely to access an Indian SIM card for their device until the second week due to the travel itinerary. I understand wifi will be selectively available at Woodstock School and students may be able to use this to send messages from time to time. The staff will be operating this tour blog when possible and this should be where family members can follow the trip. 

Caution: Students should check their phone’s international charges/costs (data, calls and text) and manage carefully to avoid excessive costs. Students should use wifi when available. 

In the case of an emergency families can contact their child through tour staff by using this international roaming mobile number: 0438 605 188. This is for urgent use only. India is 2.5 hours behind Perth.



Departure Details – Please Note


18 Nov: TG484 (0915) Perth-Bangkok (Mrs Resta, Mr Kirby plus 10 students) Please arrive at check-in at 0630-45

18 Nov: TG315 (2000) Bangkok-Delhi

21 Nov: TG484 (0915) Perth-Bangkok (Dr Fielding plus 3 students) Please arrive at check-in at 0630-45

21 Nov: TG315 (2000) Bangkok-Delhi

26 Nov: Dehradun-Delhi (details TBC)

1 Dec: TG316 (0020) Delhi-Bangkok

1 Dec: TG481 (0720) Bangkok-Perth (arriving 1515 T1)

Summary of travel insurance policy

Here is a summary document of our travel insurance policy FYI:

pER PERSON Category B
Section 1 – Personal Injury
Event 1– Death

Event 2– Permanent Total Disablement

Events 3 – 19 Other Permanent Disablement

Event 20 Temporary Total Disablement

$ 250,000




85% of weekly income to a maximum of  $2,000

Section 2 – Overseas Medical & Evacuation Unlimited
AHI Assist 24/7 Included
Section 4 – Loss of Cancellations & Curtailment

Loss of Deposits



Section 5 – Luggage, Money & Portable Electronic

                     Deprivation of Luggage

Personal Luggage

Personal Money & Travel Documents

Portable Electronic Equipment






Section  6 – Rental Vehicle Excess $10,000
Section 7 – Missed Transport Connection

Over booked flights



Section 8 –Personal Liability

Identity Theft



Section 9 – Alternative Employee or Resumption of

Assignment Expenses

Section 10 – Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

Hijack & Detention


$1,000 per day up to a maximum of $20,000

Section 11 – Extra Territorial Workers Compensation

ETWC Weekly Benefits

ETWC Event Benefit




Section 12 – Political Unrest & Natural Disaster






Portable Electronic Equipment                                                                                                                      $250

Weekly Benefits                                                                                                           Deferment Period 7 Days

All Other Claims                                                                Nil, unless stated otherwise in the Policy Wording

Getting cold at Woodstock School!

I just spoke to Mr Davies at Woodstock School. He told me the days are beautiful, cool and clear but the nights are getting cold with minimums around 5 degrees C. So, have some warm gear packed for this part of the trip. For the Delhi itinerary temperatures are showing as 13-27 degrees C. with mainly sunny and dry conditions. Hat and sunblock needed and don’t forget your insect repellent.

Also as the drive from Dehradun to Woodstock School is about 1 1/2 hours of very winding roads, some of you may want to take a preventative for motion-sickness (if applicable).

Travel Insurance and International SOS

As mentioned in our trip documents and information evening, St Stephen’s School has comprehensive travel insurance for all staff and students travelling on school tours.

I have asked our insurance broker to supply me with a summary statement of the key elements of this policy so I can post it for you on the blog. I’ve been told this will be ready by the end of next week. Although any insurance decisions are made by individual families, my understanding is that no additional travel insurance will be needed for this or any other St Stephen’s Global Tour.

In addition to our insurance coverage, the School also has a membership with International SOS, a risk mitigation, travel advisory, security and emergency management company that specialises in corporate travel. They provide a 24/7 service that we can use to help before and during our trips. Amongst other things, they supply immediate medical advice and clinic/hospital recommendations. In the unlikely even of a full-scale emergency, they can even evacuate our whole group.

If you have queries please don’t hesitate to contact one of the tour staff.


Dinner at Chilli Farms Restaurant this Saturday

Our last pre-tour student briefing will be over a delicious Indian dinner on Saturday 28 October at 7.00pm at:

Chilli Farms Restaurant

Shop 19-20

Woodvale Shopping Centre

(Corner Whitfords Ave and Trappers Drive)

We have negotiated a special meal (veg and non-veg) with Indian cuisine background and commentary with the dishes – $25.00 pp – please bring the correct cash to help with payment. 

See you there!

Parents: Proof of immunisation please

Image result for needle

Thank you to the many parents who’ve sent through an email to Dr Fielding (  confirming their child’s satisfactory immunisation for the trip to India.

I need to receive such evidence from ALL families as a matter of ‘duty of care’. If you have not sent an email through to Dr Fielding confirming your child’s satisfactory immunisation could you please do so now. Many thanks!