Bali Life: Tuesday

Yesterday was our first day in Bali! After we got off the plane we went to lunch then straight into service. My group visited Kuta Beach and walked with a representative from Bali Life to introduce the children selling things on the streets to the school by handing out food and colourings. It was incredible seeing the difference between the kids when they are trying to sell and when they are just being kids doing the colouring ins and playing with stickers.

Today we visited Suwung Bali Life Community Centre which is located in the rubbish tip. There we walked around with a teacher from Bali Life handing out the care packs that we packed earlier in the morning. These packs contained some sanitary items and health items.

This experience was incredibly confronting as we walked through a lane way almost, where 40 families lived all within meters of the rubbish tip. After we handed out the packs we went back to the school to do our activities with kids. At first it was a bit hard to communicate what the activity was to the kids but within seconds they got it.  They were really excited and so happy. After lunch Tara and I were thrown into an impromptu English class and we attempted to teach English while simultaneously trying to learn Indonesian.

(Written by Emma Hutson)

Our group (Georgia, Ryan, Caleb, Naomi, Brooke, Kristin) went to the street centre and spent time with the children and motherʼs at work. It was amazing how welcomed we were as people they had never met before. We did some activities with the children, like uno, colouring and skipping. It was a lot of fun seeing how the kids were so excited to see us and so eager to participate.

(Written by Kristin Jones)


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  1. Great to see that you guys have settled in and are busy with visiting Kuta Street Kids and Suwung. Nothing is more eye opening than the community living on the edge of a dump. Good to see you are embracing it all.The photos are fabulous!! Ms Lund

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