Bali Life: Wednesday

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the late blog post but here are some updates on what we’ve been getting up to!

Yesterday and today two groups took turns visiting the Suwung Community and the Kuta Street Centre.

The Suwung Community is located at a rubbish tip where many families live on the money they receive from sorting out recyclable trash. Our teams went to a local supermarket and created over 60 care packages including toothpaste and other toiletries to hand out to families living within the Suwung Community. Through this experience, we were able to see their living conditions and how happy they are with what little they have. After that, we engaged with children at the Community School Centre with skipping, crafts, colouring in and paper planes while also taking the opportunity to help teach English in the classrooms.

The second group visiting the Kuta Street Centre were involved with similar activities including card and chalk games and reading. The women at the Street Centre cooked us a delicious meal and we were able to purchase handmade items like bags and bracelets to help support the Centre.

After our activities and refreshing at the hotel, we travelled to the Uluwatu Temple where we saw amazing ocean views as the temple was built on a cliff side. While exploring, many of us had our first encounter with monkeys and and their antics – mainly the grabbing of sunglasses.

All in all, we’ve been having a fantastic time with excellent food and excellent company!

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