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Meeting Wednesday 23rd Oct

Hello All,

Welcome to the Indonesian Tour Blog. Thank you for attending the meeting yesterday, for the students that were unable to attend I will touch base with you over the coming days.

I believe we have some great fundraising ideas happening and looking forward to seeing it all evolve. In summary:

Reece, Will, & Josh -Sunscreen and Bowling

Travis, Abigail, and Joshua L -Leap Frogs Mini Golf

Holly, Niamh, & Tiana – Dog Wash & Chocolates

Isabella, Courtney, Tara, and Jessica – Chocolates & Sausage Sizzle Term 1

Emma – still to chat with.

Ms Ryan and Ms Lund – Mothers Day High Tea, with assistance from students.

I will send the links for some of the above fundraisers shortly.

Due to difficulties with after school commitments, we are going to have our next meeting on Nov 21, during the school day (times and details to follow later). This can not occur too often so I would encourage you to please make an effort to attend the after school meetings. We will only have two per term so it will not impact heavily on other commitments.

Please ensure your parents create a log in for the Blog, this is going to be a primary means of communication from now on.

We do need you to hand in your consent and medical forms as soon as possible. Please hand them in to Students Services. Passport renewal dates need to be checked ensure that you have 6 months post the date we return from the tour remaining on your passport. Those who need to apply for renewals new passports, can you arrange for that as soon as possible.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to email any of the staff attending the team, we are here to help.

Kind regards