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Hi all,

Just some added information for organising your passport copies.

Please make sure that you get a flat “scanned” copy and not just a photo as passport “selfies” are no good ;-).

Also, given that Indonesia requires that your passport to be valid for at least 6 months, double check that your passport is valid until at least March 2021 to be super safe.

If you have any questions or help scanning your passport then please ask your amazingly informative and helpful Bali Tour Teachers.

Mr D

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Important Upcoming Dates

Happy New Year to All,

I trust you all had an enjoyable Christmas, we now have a big few months ahead of us with planning, fundraising and events. Below I have outlined dates that need to be diarised and we need to reiterate the importance of being at the cross campus meetings. There is only two each term leading up to the tour and they will be at Duncraig due to numbers allowed to travel on the school bus;

Thursday 20th February

Wednesday 1st April

Thursday 28th May

Wednesday 17th June

The quiz night is to be held on Friday 12th June at Cousins Hall, Duncraig. We will discuss the details of this event at our first meeting however start gathering interest from friends and family to sell tables. If you haven’t yet commenced approaching businesses for prizes for the quiz night, I encourage you to do so. I will again send a copy of the School’s letter that you can provide when making requests.

We will also need an up to date copy of your passport with photo and details on inside pages. Could you please scan and email to staff or alternatively bring along to our first meeting. We will also be arranging for your tour tee shirt sizing at the first meeting. Any fundraising money that you have raised over the holidays can be given to us at that meeting as well, or before and if you prefer. Please ensure that you are working on the fundraising effort, we do not want to leave it to the last minute.

If you have any questions, please post a message on the blog and we will be happy to assist. Enjoy the remainder of your holidays. We will see you all soon.

Indonesian Staff