Sunblock Fundraiser

Morning All,

I have requested a price list for the sunblock fundraiser. Looks to be quite simple, all you need is the price list, order form and cash up front and then we order the quantity we require. Will keep you posted on this one. Easy holiday fundraising activity!


Ms Lund

Cadbury Fundraiser

Good Morning All,
Our Cadbury fundraiser boxes are here.
Please pick up your three boxes from Mrs Ryan at the LP16 kitchen
before Tuesday 1oth December.

A big thank you to our chocolate team for starting the ball rolling.

ps. It’s been very hot so don’t forget to arrange getting the boxes home safely.

See you all soon Mrs Ryan…

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Fundraising Links

Hello All,

Following on from our last meeting I have attached links for you to commence ordering your fundraising for the holidays.  I have also attached a letter written by Dr Fielding to provide to retailers etc. when requesting donations for the quiz night. Please print out and provide to potential donors.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the blog.                       (Cadbury Chocolates)                            (Jolly Socks)

How It Works                          (Sunscreen)

Have a great weekend.


The Staff

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Subscription Now Fully Operational

Good evening students

The manual subscription link is now fixed and fully operational, could you please encourage your parents to subscribe to ensure they don’t miss out on any important upcoming meetings and information.

Many thanks

Mrs Mallis

“IMPORTANT” Next Tour Meeting Friday 22nd November 2019

Good afternoon everyone

Please read the 3 previous posts regarding important information relating to the 2020 Indonesia Tour.

EduCampus is currently working on an issue with the self subscription link on this blog, but in the interim please feel free to forward your email addresses to and I will manually subscribe you.

Kind regards



Next Tour Meeting

Morning All,

We have arranged to meet during school time this term because of the difficulty finding an afternoon that is free due to external commitments. This will not always be the case and please be aware that it is very important to attend after school meetings in future, there will only be a couple per term.

We will meet at the Duncraig Community Room at 1.30pm until 2.30pm. Carramar students will be transported to Duncraig, please meet Mr Drake at Students Services no later than 1.10pm.

Please come prepared with your plan for your fundraising, dates, activity etc.

We also have one place available left for the tour as someone is now unable to make it. Please encourage your friends to enquire as we would like to fill that place. The more, the merrier. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Tour Team

Meeting Wednesday 23rd Oct

Hello All,

Welcome to the Indonesian Tour Blog. Thank you for attending the meeting yesterday, for the students that were unable to attend I will touch base with you over the coming days.

I believe we have some great fundraising ideas happening and looking forward to seeing it all evolve. In summary:

Reece, Will, & Josh -Sunscreen and Bowling

Travis, Abigail, and Joshua L -Leap Frogs Mini Golf

Holly, Niamh, & Tiana – Dog Wash & Chocolates

Isabella, Courtney, Tara, and Jessica – Chocolates & Sausage Sizzle Term 1

Emma – still to chat with.

Ms Ryan and Ms Lund – Mothers Day High Tea, with assistance from students.

I will send the links for some of the above fundraisers shortly.

Due to difficulties with after school commitments, we are going to have our next meeting on Nov 21, during the school day (times and details to follow later). This can not occur too often so I would encourage you to please make an effort to attend the after school meetings. We will only have two per term so it will not impact heavily on other commitments.

Please ensure your parents create a log in for the Blog, this is going to be a primary means of communication from now on.

We do need you to hand in your consent and medical forms as soon as possible. Please hand them in to Students Services. Passport renewal dates need to be checked ensure that you have 6 months post the date we return from the tour remaining on your passport. Those who need to apply for renewals new passports, can you arrange for that as soon as possible.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to email any of the staff attending the team, we are here to help.

Kind regards