Map of the Tour

I am just reposting this so all can see. Thank you Monique Le Roux for doing this for us


Congratulations on pulling such an incredible itinerary together for the students, this is on my bucket list so if you need a parent volunteer…pick me….pick me 🙂 I’ve created a google map of the general itinerary here if anyone is interested, it doesn’t include all the excursion stops.,+Dampier+Peninsula+WA/Derby+WA/Fitzroy+Crossing+WA/Wolfe+Creek+Meteorite+Crater,+Sturt+Creek+WA/Purnululu+National+Park,+Western+Australia/Lake+Argyle+Caravan+Park,+Lake+Argyle+Road,+Lake+Argyle+WA/El+Questro,+Coolibah+Drive,+Kununurra+WA/Kununurra+WA/@-17.6945925,123.6682209,7z/data=!4m56!4m55!1m5!1m1!1s0x2c7a2efdfdcac62b:0xee8d4e90e9ff48c9!2m2!1d122.235852!2d-17.9614336!1m5!1m1!1s0x2c64a4fb5acfd537:0xa85d59f41157c0e0!2m2!1d122.9333333!2d-16.4!1m5!1m1!1s0x2c7c4ed48e92eae3:0x400f6382479c800!2m2!1d123.6400873!2d-17.3124938!1m5!1m1!1s0x2c81a27b943895e9:0x400f6382479c820!2m2!1d125.5670548!2d-18.1980504!1m5!1m1!1s0x2b6312a36e5dc66d:0x9541fc5fed2acdc8!2m2!1d127.8!2d-19.1666667!1m5!1m1!1s0x2c9dd3863b27bbef:0xf00f639078b7770!2m2!1d128.4008378!2d-17.5297517!1m5!1m1!1s0x2c999c96e4dc8fa9:0x640706d1fa5f205b!2m2!1d128.7402724!2d-16.1129198!1m5!1m1!1s0x2c99f37dd6243a5d:0xbcffaf97929efddf!2m2!1d128.739039!2d-15.77273!1m5!1m1!1s0x2c99f4222714a577:0x400f6382479c740!2m2!1d128.7385753!2d-15.7758935!3e0

Updated Itinerary and Airport Information

Thank you all for coming to Carramar this afternoon, we had a lovely time and are all getting very excited…not long to go now.

Please click on the below link to access the current and updated Itinerary – it looks so exciting!

2021 Lou Morrison Kimberley Tour Itinerary March copy


Thursday 15th April is departure day.

Please be at Virgin Airport, Terminal 1 at 10am.

Please don’t forget your masks! No entry to the airport for anyone, without a mask.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions/queries you might have before then.

Feel free to post on this blog, or alternatively:

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Last briefing!

Parents & students,

Our last briefing will be this Monday 29th March 2021.

We will be meeting at the Carramar Campus in Makaria House forum.

Duncraig students will get a lift with Mr Hotchkin and Miss Palmer to Carramar.

Parents we ask you to come come join us from 4:45pm, for final trip information and questions.

You will be free to leave from 5pm but feel free to hang around for some light snacks till 5:15pm

Best parking is in the carpark on Clarkson Ave Tapping.


Get together this Wednesday :)

Hi everyone,

really looking forward to getting together again this Wednesday.

This time we will be meeting the Community Meeting room next to the Library, at Duncraig campus.

Matt Bambach (our tour guide) will be coming along to say hello, demonstrate a swag set up, and show you the tour vehicle we will be travelling in.

Carramar kids, please meet at the Makaria Staff Carpark straight after school. The bus will be returning back to Carramar at the end, if you need to use it. We should be back about 5.20pm.

I will attach a copy of the ‘What to bring’ list in my next post. Please have a look over it and bring any questions you may have, on Wednesday.

Next Meeting: Thursday 18th February

Great news…we will be meeting next Thursday 18th March at SSS Duncraig.

Carramar students, you will be driven to Duncraig on the Service Learning bus straight after school. We aim to arrive at Duncraig campus just before 4pm.

Parents of ALL children, please collect your children from the Duncraig campus at 5pm (turning circle)

NOTE: Carramar students, this includes you, the bus will NOT take you back to Carramar.


During this meeting we will do some more ‘get to know each other’ games, learn about Jandamarra and bit more about our native land.

We will also be trying on some t-shirts and hats, ready for our tour.

Finally, we have a few final phone calls to make, but we are so close to releasing our updated itinerary…and its looking great!

Look forward to seeing you all next week

This week’s meeting POSTPONED!

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, due to current Covid restrictions, we have had to postpone this Tuesday’s meeting.

We will do everything we can to meet the following week and will give you a definite date, in the next few days.

We have some exciting developments in our plans and look forward to being able to share them with you soon.

Thank you for your patience and cant wait to see you all again soon.

First Briefing!

Looking forward to see you for our first briefing this afternoon at Duncraig.

Over the holiday break please use your time to read the Susanna Hargrave book ‘Whitefella Culture’ attached here: Hargrave_Whitefella_Culture

It is a good place to start about thinking about recognising that different people have different cultural norms and that we should work towards being slow to be offended and careful not to offend when working ‘cross culturally’.

Next briefing Dates:

  • Week 2 – Tuesday 9th feb (4-5pm)
  • Week 5 – Wed 3rd march (4-5pm)
  • Week 9 – Monday 29th March (4-5:15pm with parents invited from 4:45pm)

thank you


Congratulations on being part of the Kimberley Tour for 2021

Please note our first student briefing will take place during school time on Friday 4th December

Carramar students will leave school at lunch time to drive to Duncraig on the Service Learning bus to meet with the Duncraig mob in Timae from 1:30pm (period 5).

We will return to school by 3.20pm

The purpose of this team meeting is to start getting to know each other as a team, to distribute some resources for you to review over the summer break and give time for questions.