Next Meeting: Thursday 18th February

Great news…we will be meeting next Thursday 18th March at SSS Duncraig.

Carramar students, you will be driven to Duncraig on the Service Learning bus straight after school. We aim to arrive at Duncraig campus just before 4pm.

Parents of ALL children, please collect your children from the Duncraig campus at 5pm (turning circle)

NOTE: Carramar students, this includes you, the bus will NOT take you back to Carramar.


During this meeting we will do some more ‘get to know each other’ games, learn about Jandamarra and bit more about our native land.

We will also be trying on some t-shirts and hats, ready for our tour.

Finally, we have a few final phone calls to make, but we are so close to releasing our updated itinerary…and its looking great!

Look forward to seeing you all next week

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