Day 8 and 9 (the end of the adventure)


Day 8 (Sunday)

After another warm night sleeping under the stars, we had a long drive through from the Bungle Bungle caravan park to Lake Argyle, which is just under one hour out of Kununurra.

We had a few stops along the way, for morning tea and to stretch our legs. We arrived at the very picturesque Lake Argyle and paddled on the water in canoes. This huge dam has very spectacular rock walls. Some campers saw a rock wallaby on the side of the lake. Being on the water and cooling down was a very nice way to end the day. We then got changed for dinner, which we had at the restaurant which is in the caravan park. We turned heads when we arrived and settled at our two long tables. After enjoying a lovely meal, accompanied by live music, we got on the dance floor and showed off our dance moves. We were joined by other people who were staying at the caravan park, including some younger children.


Day 9 (Monday)

We woke up early once again at around 5:30 and packed up our swags for last time. We certainly have become efficient with setting up the swags and packing them away! Then it was time for breakfast followed by a swim in the infinity pool overlooking Lake Argyle. We took 9 campers at a time, with the rest of the group chilling under some shady trees and some kicking the football while they patiently waited their turn. We then enjoyed a boat cruise around the lake, on which we learn some of Lake Argyle’s history and when and how the dam was constructed. We checked out where the estimated 20,000 fresh water crocs reside, but only saw a couple as the water was quite warm and they had no need to warm up in the sun. We also learnt about some of the fish that inhabit the lake, the most intriguing being a fish that spits water at its prey (insects sitting on leaves near the shore), knocking them into the water. We then did some rock jumping into the water. Upon returning to shore we drove to Kununurra and hit the souvenir shops, before eating our final lunch in a park and being entertained by Mr Lewis, who had written a ballad about our journey. We thanked our two wonderful guides, Joel and Grace, to taking such good care of us and headed to the airport. Then it was a three hour flight back to Perth, where campers were welcomed into the open arms of their waiting families.


We shared a wonderful time together; the teachers were all impressed with the way that all campers conducted themselves. Everyone we came across was keen to know which school we came from, and all commented on how polite and well behaved the group was. I am sure we are all richer for this experience and amazed at the beauty and diversity of our country.

2 thoughts on “Day 8 and 9 (the end of the adventure)

  1. Wow, what an amazing adventure and wonderful memories for our kids! Our kids are so blessed to be given this opportunity. A big thank you to all staff and tour guides, you are amazing!!

  2. Thank you to all the staff who accompanied our children on this amazing adventure! Connor cannot stop talking about it all and had the most wonderful time! We are very grateful that the school offers this amazing opportunity to our children and they will have many memories to cherish for years to come. Thanks once again!!!

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