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Kimberley Tour 2021 Video

Password: ssscp
I have finally put together a little video of our amazing Kimberley Tour adventure. I hope you enjoy it!
Miss Uglow 🙂
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Tour Photos

I hope that this message finds you all very well. Whilst in many ways the Kimberley Tour seems so long ago already, I still find myself reflecting on the great memories that we shared and a smile creeps across my face. I have been trying to find the easiest way to share the photos from our tour and think that this will be the best option.

Please open this link to access photos that were taken by Kimberley Tour teacher supervisors. You should be able to download and print them as you wish. Please be respectful of staff and student’s privacy, by being considerate before sharing them further than our immediate community.

On behalf of Mr Lewis, Miss Uglow, Mr Sloan and myself, we would like to thank you again for allowing us to have this amazing opportunity with your children.

Take care,

Mrs Luinstra

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