Software Application Recommendations 2018

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available. Each student will typically require a unique collection of apps that apply to their learning journey. Teachers will recommend applications appropriate to their classroom. The good news is that the vast majority of  educational apps are free or cost very little. Your child will not be asked to purchase expensive software applications.

Important to note that any student using their own desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone does not need to purchase Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel and many other tools) as this will be provided to all our students as part of our Microsoft Office 365 licensing agreement. This applies at school and at home.

Many2One – Year 6 2013

A Natural Expansion

The Many2One program will expand to year 9 from the beginning of 2013 with year 6 students coming on board at the beginning of term 3.

Years 6 to 9

For students in years 6 to 9 we are continuing to recommend the iPad 32 GB Wifi only model as the preferred choice of device. (iPad Retina Display). We would like to acknowledge that the iPad Mini is also an attractive option and a suitable choice. During 2013 we are expecting these students to bring either an iPad or a Macbook to class. For more information please see the FAQ section.

Years 10 to 12

The program remains optional for our senior students however they are part of a more flexible device model where they are permitted to bring to class a variety of mobile technologies. These include Apple, Android or Windows based tablets, laptops or smartphones.

Many2one Year 6 Program Parent Evenings


Many2one Yr6 2013 Carramar


Many2one Yr6 2013 Duncraig