Term 3, Week 9 Notices

Mon Parker Gold Coin Donation Yr 3-6

If you didn’t bring your donation in today … please bring it to the office tomorrow

Service Learning Market Yr 3-6

Service Learning Market held today at lunch time – thanks to all those involved in making today a huge success.  A few photos of our students serving others to raise funds for their chosen charities.

Earn and Learn K-6

Finishing on Tuesday 19 Sept … please bring your stickers in!!!

Jam For Sale K-6


Term 3, Week 8 Notices

Dear Parents

Where has the term gone?!  As we head in to the final two weeks of Term 3, we look back in amazement at the achievements within our school community.  In class, the students have been working hard in a variety of engaging learning experiences aimed at growing both their skills and knowledge, as well as their kindness and empathy towards others.  It has been wonderful to see the involvement of so many students in our co-curricular clubs where they are able to share in the many varied passions and expertise of our incredibly talented staff.

This term we have had a focus on understanding others – putting oneself in another’s shoes and humbly seeking to serve their needs.  It’s been encouraging to see so many students actively building this character of service into their everyday lives; opening doors for others, giving up their turn in a game, looking out for others in the playground who may be looking lonely, giving words of affirmation and encouragement – the list goes on!  It’s words and actions like these that continue to build our wonderful School Community.

As the term draws to a close, we encourage all families to look back and celebrate their child’s successes and accomplishments.  Having these conversations will help to build a positive attitude towards learning; one that values effort, personal growth and a passion for excellence.  This will also help to develop a sense of excitement for learning as we head into the final term for the year.  We know how incredibly important it is for children to have positive memories of their early experiences both at home and at school.  Some activities that families could be involved in together these holidays include:

  • Reading together
  • Exploring the great outdoors
  • Playing board games
  • Preparing and eating meals together
  • Showing affection – no one is too old for a hug!

It’s in these simple actions that we develop long lasting memories that our children look back on with fondness.  We wish you all a restful holiday time and look forward to seeing you safe and sound next term!

To keep abreast of any exciting upcoming events please view the link below to our school calendar .


Exodus 13 verse 14 states:

The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

God bless

Richard and Vernita

MANY 2 ONE 2018: Recommended Devices and Purchasing Portals for years 5 to 12

For more information please click on the link below:-

Many 2 One 2018: Recommended Devices and Purchasing Portals

Service Learning Markets Yr 3-6 Only

Student Service Learning Markets is an initiative that was led by numerous students across Years 3 – 6 and we would love to have your support as we support their chosen charities. Please bring some money and buy some yummy goodies or keepsakes.

Thank you Richard Deck













Non-uniform Day K-6 on Monday 18 Sept 2017 

Gold Coin Donation

Yr 3-6 donations go towards Mon Parker who is a midwife in remote Burma.  These funds will assist her to provide the best medical resources and training to underprivileged families.

ELC donations to go to Relay for Life.

Active School

Active School clubs conclude this week.  Hope you all had a fun term.  Active clubs will return in Term 2 in 2018.


Term 3, Week 7 Notices

Introducing Molly – coming soon to the Primary School

Primary School – No Fitness Club this week

Disco this Friday – Years 3-6

Jam for Sale

Term 3, Week 6 Notices

NewsletterDigital Learning Journey and Story Night In This Week

French Story Telling at the ELC

Book Week Parade at the ELC

and at the Primary…

Balinese Dancing

On 14th of September from 7pm – 8.30 pm, the professional and amazing dance troop Elin Nusantara, will be coming to St Stephen’s School to present, ‘Enchanting Bali through Music & Dance –  Experience the Cultural Wonders of Bali’. Cost is a gold coin donation.

A promotional video is attached below.



Please book your seat through this try-booking link :  https://www.trybooking.com/RNZQ 

Scholastic Book Club Orders Closing Soon : K – Year 6

Please place your orders through this link by Wednesday 30th August. www.scholastic.com/LOOP

Last Week for Homeless Winter Appeal


Father’s Day at the ELC

Father’s Day at the Primary -now featuring the inaugural “Dad Joke” competition!

Disco in the Primary Next Week

Jam for Sale


Term 3, Week 5 Notices

Synthesis Art Exhibition Opens Tomorrow Evening

Primary Inter-house Music Festival Wednesday 23 August

Session Times:

Year 3    8:30 – 9:20

Year 4    9:20 – 10:40

Year 5    11:00 – 1:00

Year 6    1:40 – 3:00

Parents are very welcome to attend any session to support the record number of performers this year. The entire schedule can be found following this link: 

Schedule Interhouse Music Festival 2017-wq7m2p

ELC Leadership – Congratulations

Father’s Day Celebrations @ ELC

Father’s Day Celebrations @ the Primary

Primary School Disco

Escape to Everywhere!

Experience the Cultural Wonders of Bali

Indonesian Dance Studio presents:


 Be enthralled in a spectacular night this spring!

 The show will bring the beautiful Indonesian culture to life with gamelan orchestra & traditional dancers from Bali.

 A wonderful opportunity for students in Perth to be fascinated and savour Indonesian Language and  Indonesian culture.

Book today … 

Try-booking link is here:


Name of event: Eling Nusantara dance troupe presents

Enchanting Bali through Music & Dance

Not suitable for children under 5 years.

Gold coin donation at the door.

Date: 14 September

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm 

Location: St Stephen’s School Theatre

ELC End of Term Meal Deal – Tuesday, 12 September.

**Order by Monday, 4 September, 1pmPrimary End of Term Meal Deal – Thursday, 14 September

**Order by Monday, 4 September, 1pm

Uniting Care West – Winter Appeal ends 31st August

If you can assist Uniting Care West with this appeal, please do so promptly.

Delicious Jam For Sale 

Wanted: Woolworths Earn and Learn Stickers – Thank you!

Important notice: National data collection on students with a disability

Dear Parents,

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on school students with disability (NCCD) provides all Australian schools, education authorities and the community with a clear picture of the number of students receiving adjustments because of disability in schools, and the adjustments they are provided to enable them to participate in education on the same basis as other students.

The Australian Education Regulation 2013, requires that all schools, provide information to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the Department) for the purposes of the NCCD.

The information that Schools must give to the Department includes, in relation to each student with a disability at a school:

  • the student’s level of education (i.e. primary or secondary)
  • the student’s category of disability (i.e. physical, cognitive, sensory or social/emotional)
  • the student’s level of adjustment (i.e. support provided within quality differentiated teaching practice, supplementary, substantial or extensive adjustment).

Please note, any information collected, will not identify any individual student, in any way.

For further information regarding the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data school students with disability, please visit: https://docs.education.gov.au/system/files/doc/other/2017_-_nccd_-_fact_sheet_for_parents_and_carers_v5.pdf

If you have any queries regarding the NCCD, please contact the relevant Learning Enrichment staff, for your specific campus:


Mrs Toni Mills (Secondary)



Mrs Christine Roddy-Clark (Primary and ELC)




Michael Crawshaw (Secondary)



Helen Coombs (Primary Yrs 3-6)



Mrs Celeste de Villiers (K-2)




Term 3, Week 4 Notices


A Note for Parents

Dear Parents

Just a reminder that there are no staff on duty in the playgrounds before 8.10am.  Students who arrive at 8am, may visit the Library.  If at all possible, we would appreciate students arriving at school after 8.10am.  We are unable to offer duty of care until 8.10am.

In the afternoon, staff are on duty from 3.10pm – 3.30pm.  Whilst we encourage families to stay after school and enjoy being in community, we are unable to provide duty of care after 3.30pm.  To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children, we ask that parents are present after 3.30pm to provide supervision.

OSH Club is available for all Primary students at the ELC, for before school and after school care.  Their website is www.oshclub.com.au

Thank you for your kind consideration in this regard.

Digital Learning Journey

Library Book Week Events

Synthesis Art Exhibition

ELC Disco

Primary Disco

We require parent volunteers to help out at both discos to collect money, run the food/drink/gloware stands and for security at the doors. If you are available for one or both discos, please contact Carolyn on 0410 157 156 or carolyn@dataorigins.com. Thank you.

Community Food Freezer Years K – 12Earn and Learn

Term 3, Week 3 Notices

Library – Escape to Everywhere

Memories of our Book Week Parade 2016

Memories of our ELC ‘Story Night In’ 2016


Biggest Morning Tea Thank you

Art Exhibition

Cambodia Fundraising Jam

Winter Appeal

Earn & Learn is back!

Community Food Fridge

Term 3, Week 1 Notices

 Community Freezer Contributions

We are really excited to announce that in Term 3 we will have a school community freezer. It will be located in the Get Well Room in the Primary School. The purpose of this freezer is to support families from Pre-Kindy to Year 12 at SSS Duncraig with a home cooked meal when they are going through a very difficult family situation.

If you would like to contribute to this freezer by cooking a meal we would greatly appreciate it. We are looking for simple, nutritious meals that are both family and freezer friendly. These include meat and vegetable based casseroles, lasagnes, hearty soups and mild curries. Please do not use any nut or nut products. Please include all components of the meal e.g. “Casserole with rice” to make it as easy as possible for the families receiving the meals.

Please follow the steps below:

Read the food safety link:


  • Choose your own recipe or look for one at:


  • Buy the ingredients.
  • Ensure your hands are adequately washed.


  • Cook the meal.
  • Cool the meal and pack in a reusable or recyclable container (either donate a container or collect a foil container from next to the freezer at school). 

  • Label the meal (stickers are available next to the freezer at school).

  • Freeze the meal.
  • Bring the frozen meal to school and place in the freezer for another family to enjoy!


Thank you for your support.

Book Club Orders Due on Thursday, August 3

Please place you orders online through www.scholastic.com/LOOP

Support for the Homeless

Earn & Learn Stickers are back!

Primary Years 3-6: Term 3 Canteen Menu

After School Clubs Returning Soon

City to Surf

St. Stephen’s family and friends,
You are cordially invited to join our St. Stephen’s School team in this year’s City To surf event. We would love to have you and yours on board for the 4, 12, 21 or 42km run or walk events.

Use the link
to join our SSS-trong school team and use and the code SCHLP0501 to receive 15% discount off your entry fees.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Baird at Sharon.baird@ststephens.wa.edu.au if you have any questions or concerns.

We will keep you posted on upcoming training and social events for our SSS-trong City to Surf ’17 team.