Importance of Road Safety

Parking and overall traffic congestion around schools is an ongoing issue and is further exacerbated with vehicles parking in contradiction to parking signs, on footpaths or in dangerous locations such as on bends at intersections.  So to minimise this issue below are a few suggestions to ease stress during these periods:

  • Organise with your child to meet in a pre-arranged location away from the busier areas after school.
  • Tell your child/ren that you will arrive a little bit later after the final bell and advise them to wait within the school grounds until you get there.
  • Use the Kiss and Drive if there is one at the school and ensure you use it appropriately.  This means if your child is not there, drive around until you see your child waiting.
  • Park further away and walk to meet your child.



Thank you for being considerate of our students and the communities safety.



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