St Stephen’s School – World’s Greatest Shave 2020

There are many worthwhile causes to support throughout the year and this is one that I would like to draw attention to. In 2014, my then three year old daughter, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Thanks to a privileged medical system and God’s mercy, my daughter is fit and well. She is in her fourth year since treatment finished and her recovery has been very positive.

Throughout that treatment period and even beyond, the support for families dealing with blood cancers has been amazing. Fundraising initiatives like the Greatest Shave helped our family through a difficult time of our lives. We are extremely grateful to all of the selfless people who have generously given to this cause.

To further the cause, I would like to support the World’s Greatest Shave at St Stephen’s School. For those interested in supporting this fundraising effort, these are the details…

1.       Our Greatest Shave Day will be held on Thursday 9 April (last day of term 1)

2.       Participating on the day can be done in the following ways

a.       Register online with parent permission(parents please email me at to express consent), fundraise and then have hair shaved or cut (you must be registered and have sent in parental permission and fundraised to do the shave or cut)

b.       Don’t register online and colour hair at home or wear a wig and then bring a donation on the day

3.       Students/staff/parents can support by giving online or registering as a participant at the link below

I am fully aware that there are many worthwhile causes to support, particularly in light of the fires and droughts. Please do not feel any obligation to give to this fundraising, but of course we welcome it if you are willing and able.

Mr Daniel Parker – Primary PE Specialist at St Stephen’s Duncraig

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