Countdown to Synthesis Exhibition

Set up is underway for this Wednesday’s Synthesis Exhibition launch! Our School will be filled with creative masterpieces like this artwork by Cambell Boutle (Year 11), which captures her brother immersed in the music he’s listening to.

Be sure to celebrate the Opening Night this Wednesday, starting from 5pm in the Primary Village and then proceeding up to the Secondary Admin. Building which starts at 6pm.

Will by Cambell Boutle.


TEAR Read A Thon

Year 7 and 8 students cross campus raised $538.00 for the TEAR Read-a-thon. We were one of only two schools in WA to pilot this Readathon for TEAR Australia. Well done to all the students, staff and parents who were involved in this fundraising initiative. Mrs Legg and a few of our students were interviewed by TEAR to provide feedback. Thank you all for supporting this cause.


Little Feet Festival

St Stephen’s School is partnering with theCity of Joondalup to host a range of fun activities at this year’s Little Feet Festival! Join us under the pine trees at ECU Joondalup on Sunday 21 October for a safari adventure!

FETE NEWS 15 October 2018

Count Down – 12 days to go!

Help, help, help!!!!  Strong able-bodied people required to put up fete signage just before event – please contact Amanda on 0448 995 341 or email if you can lend a hand.

Gazebo/Trestle Table call out – Do you have a trestle tables and/ or gazebos that they could lend for the day. They can be left at the shed on Tuesday mornings from 0745 – 1000am and on Tuesday afternoons from 1530 – 1630.  All care will be taken.

Parking attendants – Only one hour and you have done a great deed…..if you can help out being a parking person on Saturday 27 October between 9am and 2pm it would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact Julie Wookey on 0408 806 433 or email

General helpers on fete day – If you can help on Saturday 27 October between 7.30am and 4pm please contact Julie Wookey on 0408 806 433 or email

Year 8 TIMSS

A number of Year 8 classes have been selected to take part in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).  TIMSS is an important educational research project investigating student achievement in mathematics and science.  More than 60 countries, including Australia, are participating in this study.  TIMMS is used to keep us informed about how students in Australia are performing in comparison to their peers in other countries and to compare programs of study and teaching practices.  The school will be able to obtain current national and international information which will help improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science in our country.

Selected students will do an assessment in Mathematics and Science and complete a questionnaire about their experiences at home and school.   There is no need for students to study specifically for the assessment as it will not affect individual students’ grades or progress in school. The students who are involved have been given an information brochure by their Mathematics teacher this week. Parents are welcome to call the school if they have any questions at all.

All data will be kept strictly confidential and no individual student or school will be identified in published data or reports.


 2018 has marked another massive year for the Edwards sisters Rachael (Year 12) and Crystal (Year 9), who have continued to make exceptional strides in swimming, cross-country and triathlon competitions across the nation. Though the sisters will no longer be navigating school sport as a pair following Rachael’s recent graduation, it hasn’t stopped their outstanding sporting results from rolling through.

Read more about their achievements here: