There’s nothing quite like a good story time at the ELC, especially when the Year 10s come to visit! Year 10 students recently created their own children’s picture books of the Bible to read to the Year 2s. The Year 2s were delighted to listen and share the knowledge they have learned in their own Biblical Studies class.


Year 10 Biblical Studies

In Year 10 Biblical Studies, students spend 12 weeks completing an overview of the Bible learning how the 66 books of the bible all point to Jesus Christ. A central part of this course has the students creating their own children’s picture book of the Bible. To celebrate the successful completion of their storybooks the Year 10s visited the Year 2s at the Early Learning Centre and read their books aloud to a small group of students. The Year 2s were delighted share their own knowledge about Jesus from the Bible Mr Stephens has been reading to them. It was a wonderful time for all involved.

Mairead Taylor

Head of Learning Area – Humanities & Social Sciences and Biblical Studies