St Stephen’s School Lakeside Joondalup Community Food Cart Run

We are seeking interested families to participate in the School’s new community service. Once a week we visit the cafes at Lakeside Joondalup to collect their leftover produce at the conclusion of trade. This food is then collected by UnitingCare West Merriwa and distributed to families and schools in the northern suburbs that are currently experiencing hardship.

We share the roster along with our Carramar Primary and Secondary teachers and students, Rotary-our cart sponsors, and UnitingCare West. Your commitment is totally up to you; once a month, twice a month or even once every three months, whatever you wish. The run commences at 4.45pm and concludes at 5.30pm.

If you are interested in participating as a family or even with friends, please contact me on 0429 153 912 or email me

Donna Lund

Service Learning Coordinator


St Stephen’s School is working with Surf Dive ‘n Ski to donate 200 Billabong backpacks to UnitingCare West, which will assist children in our community who are unable to go to school with supplies needed for their education. Each Primary class and Secondary homeroom have a backpack to fill with supplies – take a look below to see what items your family can donate to those in need.

Christmas Appeal

Can you believe Christmas is only two months away?! Our School is once again supporting the UnitingCare West Christmas Appeal this year, supporting those who are disadvantaged in our community. Our community is encouraged to donate any food items from the list below, dropping the items to students’ classrooms or homerooms.

Donations open today and will remain open until the end of Week 7.

World’s Greatest Shave

Hello teachers, staff, and St Stephen’s community,

This month is the World’s Greatest Shave, an event organised by the Leukaemia foundation in order to fund blood cancer research. We’re organising a fundraiser for the Leukaemia foundation and it’d be great to have involvement from teachers.

For the last week of school we’d like to have teachers and students alike with their hair dyed unnatural colours, wearing wigs, or with their hair cut off.

For the teachers, what we’re going to have is a tiered system where as we raise more money, the more teachers dye their hair, wear a wig, or shave their head. This provides an incentive for students to raise money however it also means that if you sign up you may not necessarily be wearing a wig, dying hair, or shaving in the final week of term.

If you are interested in joining in you can you please send an email my way so that we can get you on board before we announce the fundraiser this Tuesday in assembly. If during the fundraiser you decide you want to join in also just email me and we’ll add you in; it’s never too late.

A few other points:

Students will be donating money to dye their hair, shave their head, or wear a wig so the teachers won’t be the only ones in the final week. If students want to partake they’ll need to give the money and the signed parental consent form to their House Deans.  Collected by HOUSE CAPTAINS AND FUNDRAISERS

We’ll be announcing the fundraiser on Tuesday (13 March) and the fundraising will stop on Friday the 6th of April. That Friday those students and teachers who’ve signed up for buzz cut will get it done in the quad during lunch. We’ll be collecting money every Wednesday during homeroom while the fundraiser is running.

Nick Hodgskin

Year 12

Jehova Jireh Haven say a BIG Thank You!


Dear St Stephen’s community

Jehova Jireh Haven and the Kelly family wish to extend our utmost gratitude for the generosity of the St Stephen’s community. Your support allowed 89 orphans and 14 carers to enjoy a Christmas celebration that they will remember for a long time. They had a lovely Lamb Spit topped off with chocolate brownies. The children also enjoyed face painting, a bouncy castle, fairy floss and a camera booth.

Each child received a gift bag filled with a toy, new clothes, underwear, toiletries, stationary and, of course, lollies.

We are blessed to be part of this community.

Yours sincerely,

Dale Kelly

Head of Rite Journey

St Stephen’s School Fete 2018


WHY?? I hear you ask!

Because this is where you will find out everything you need to know about the


It will be held on Saturday 27 October and we need YOUR help!!
Are you a small business owner who could donate goods and services for our silent Auction?
Are you, or do you know, a Scout Leader?

Do you have access to an old, beat up car that could be donated for our traditional ‘Smash a Car’?
Do you have an old pile of junk that could be upcycled for our white elephant stall? (I bet you do!!)
Do you possess special skills and a burning passion to become more involved in our school community?

Please contact Julie at