The Role of Student-Owned Mobile Phones at School

Dear Parents

With every student owning a tablet or laptop, the role for mobile phones at school is negligible. We strongly believe in our three guiding principles regarding the use of technology:

  1. Teaching and learning can be transformed by technology
  2. Communication and collaboration can be enhanced by technology
  3. Using technology develops students’ skills for future learning and work

In the use of technology, users agree to be responsible for their own actions, comply with relevant laws and comply with the School’s code of conduct. Personal behaviour, in online environments, must not compromise the good reputation of the School.

In the School Handbook, the following points are made:

  1. No use of phones as phones for texting or calling in class time
  2. No use in class without the express permission of the teacher
  3. Any calls for a student to be collected are made by an adult in Student services
  4. We expect students to take personal responsibility for their own phones at School

During 2018, there will be very little reason for any students to use a phone during the school day. No phones will be used in class unless the teacher specifically asks students to use phones, e.g. to photograph something on an excursion. We will be strongly discouraging the use of phones during recess and lunch: these are great opportunities to grow relationships with friends. No student should be on (or posting to) social media during the school day, or using their phone to film teachers or fellow students. No student should be viewing Netflix or YouTube instead of socialising.  It makes complete sense for a child to have their phone on public transport before and after school.

We would appreciate your assistance in 2018 in strongly discouraging the use of mobile phones during the school day. Our children do not need the distraction or the anxiety of having to check what others might be posting. This is not a change to policy, but a chance to affirm what our School policy is with an emphasis on student well-being. Phones are not banned: they have a safety function. They are not needed during the school day and we do not want to see students using phones at school unless instructed by their teacher.