Year 12 ATAR Psychology Project


The year 12 ATAR psychology classes at St Stephen’s School are currently studying developmental psychology and are looking to conduct some investigations.

These investigations are going to be aimed at various age groups, including pre-primary aged children (5 years old) to young adults (16 years old).

The tasks will involve the year 12 students asking participants various questions. Based on Piaget’s cognitive development stages (conservation measures and problem solving), and Kohlberg’s moral development theory, a Moral Dilemma will be explained to them and then be asked how they would respond.

All information obtained will be kept completely confidential and destroyed at the end of the investigation.

All participants will be assigned a number to ensure confidentiality during data collection.

If you understand the terms and conditions of your child partaking in this study and you give permission for them to do so, please complete the permission slip by clicking the link below and fill out the form online by Monday

Project Permission Form

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Aldous or Mr Richmond.


Kind regards,

Year 12 ATAR Psychology,

Mrs. Aldous and Mr. Richmond