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Year 12 Students Depart for Retreat/Camp

June 7, 2018

The Year 12’s left for their retreat yesterday.

Year 12 retreats are often reported as being one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences of a student’s school life. The activities are designed to help prepare these 17 and 18 year-old students to confidently take the final steps to move from childhood to adulthood and being a responsible, well-adjusted member of society.

Year 12 retreats are particularly special because they are often one of the last times students will relax and renew together as a year group. They are facing the prospect of life beyond school, beyond teachers and beyond the school support network that has nurtured them for up to 13 years. These retreats can be very emotional and often give students the opportunity to openly share their feelings, hopes, memories and uncertainties.


A retreat is . . .

  • A pause from the “business” of everyday life
  • An opportunity to strengthen friendships
  • A time for quiet prayer and reflection in a peaceful atmosphere
  • An opportunity to build and strengthen friendships and promote understanding between students and teachers
  • A fun ‘time-out’ for recreation, games, songs, learning and play

We hope they have a wonderful time and an experience to remember!


Year 12 Retreat

June 19, 2017

Recently our Year 12 cohort went on retreat to Swanleigh.

Swanleigh is located on 89 acres of picturesque rural land on the banks of the Swan River.

The camps and retreats are places where students can step out of their usual environment and try some new learning activities. It is always good to have new, positive experiences. School camps/retreats offer this in spades! It important for everyone to do new things and learn new skills.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13