Photo Day

School photos will be taken in Cousins Hall on Thursday 7 Feb.

Please note  

  • When you receive your order envelope in Homeroom, take this home for parents to place their order and bring back to school 
  • Bring your order envelope to give to the photographer on Thursday when you have your photo taken 
  • If your parents haven’t had time to order, ask the photographer for your envelope back after he has scanned it 
  • All uniform requirements must be adhered to including make up and hair  
  • Summer uniform must be worn so if you have PE you will need to change 
  • Year 10 & 11 boys must wear their BLUE TIE Year 12 boys must wear their RED TIE  
  • Please go to your usual classes and your teacher will take you for your photo at the relevant time during that period 


PERIOD 1             YEAR 8 

PERIOD 2             YEAR 12 

PERIOD 3             YEAR 10 

PERIOD 4             YEAR 7 

PERIOD 5             YEAR 11 

PERIOD 6             YEAR 9