St Stephen’s School has proudly partnered with innovative global STEM education company Fire Tech to host its renowned holiday programs in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Fire Tech takes a STEM+approach to the growing areas of Science, Technologies, Engineering, Arts and Maths, working together with industry to offer an array of holiday tech courses for students.

The Duncraig courses will run in the Primary Village on January 14-16 from 8.30am-4.30pm. More info:

HASS Think Tank

Members of Humanities and Social Sciences recently attended an after school HASS Think Tank Meeting to improve the profile of the HASS subjects during a time where STEM subjects are the political focus.  One particular strategy involved students being exposed to intellectual ideas through the use of Lego.  The intellectual discussion that arouse from the student explaining why they had chosen and created their Lego pieces in relation to the question drove the intellectual discussion past the normal responses.  This strategy also encouraged listening and communicating skills as students were directed to articulate their position through their Lego creation.  It could also be a strategy used within the home for parents to sit down with their children and both create a piece of work based on a question or dilemma with the home which would allow both parents and children to understand the others viewpoint or get to know each other on a deeper level.  One idea posed during the think tank was ‘how do you feel’.  The other idea posed was ‘how do we represent HASS’ and this was then built on ‘ how do we represent HASS and continue to compete in a STEM based world’.

This non-threatening communication form was incredibly effective and it is hoped it can be introduced within appropriate HASS lessons.

Leeanne Shanks
Teacher – Humanities and Social Sciences & Assistant Dean Alethea