Math Magicians

We have just attended the Australian Mathematics Trust awards where Ethan Abraham (Year 7) received a High Achievers award for being in the top 0.3% in the Australian Maths Competition for his age in WA.

Nick Hodgskin (Year 12) was the WA winner of the inspiring student award for inspiring and supporting his peers in the learning and enjoyment of mathematics.

Congratulations to Nick and Ethan.

Laura Manley

Head of Mathematics

The Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) is a national not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to enrich the teaching and learning of mathematics and algorithmics for students of all standards.

HASS Tour – 2018

What a fantastic tour group.  I knew that this group was going to represent the best values of St Stephen’s School when the personal attendant to the Governor General of Australia invited our group to stay on the garden after the official tour and spend a little time relaxing on the gardens in front of the major dining room.  Tom Sorrell also played the piano beautifully in Government House. Lindsay MacFarlane, Lauren Bailey, Jayden Bray, Bianca Smout and Madeline Hays got the chance to sit at the executive table where the Governor General signs the bills that become laws in our country.  This group of students were complimented everywhere they went for their manners and attention given to the presenters.  Some other highlights of this tour were our trip to Old Parliament House where Stuart Gale, Dean of Carana, donned the white wig and became the Speaker of the House of Representatives with his attentive Barrister Emma Pattenden. At the New Parliament, there was a heated debate between our Prime Minister Jayden Bray and the Opposition Leader James Gishubi.  The Speaker of the House, Niall Goldberg was escorted into parliament by Lindsay MacFarlane, while his secretary Jayden Papworth completed administration duties.  All students articulately presented their views on the proposed bill and, once again, the presenter of this activity complimented our students and mistook them for older students.  The Australian War Memorial was another highlight and our school participated in a wreath laying ceremony where Jayden Papworth, Mitchell Booth, Lindsay MacFarlane and Sarah Chadwick were the stars.  They laid the wreath, recited the ode and thanked the veteran who gave up his time to talk to us.

Melbourne also had many highlights.  Students enjoyed the Islamic Museum and developed a more accurate understanding of the Muslim faith.  Students also learnt about the Holocaust at the Jewish Holocaust Centre and Lauren Bailey and Caleb Bolt lit a candle in remembrance to the 6 million people who were murdered while the Nazi’s ruled 21 countries.  We were lucky enough to hear from a 97 year old survivor who presented the aspects of his time under this rule in a way that was enlightening but not distressing to students. A balance like this is hard to achieve.  His closing statement that ‘young people need to remember that there will be cloudy days; however, they are always followed by sunny days and people must endure and understand that life is full of many types of days’ resonated with our students.  We then headed to Old Melbourne Jail where students spent time on a tour and learnt about Ned Kelly and then all got arrested in the Watch experience.  The presenter is a prison guard and her job is to be very strict with the students to show them what being arrested is like.  This tour group were so sweet that she kept breaking character and laughing with them.  Students then got to see the Melbourne Museum and watch the sun set from the Eureka Skydeck. One of my favourite moments was seeing the students at Sovereign Hill, a replicate of an old gold mining town in Ballarat.  Jayden Papworth, Sibella Dique, Madeline Hays and Edward Smith were all dressed up according to the time.  Edward was able to pull of distinguished gentleman of the late 1800s.  Our next day was at the MCG and then spent time at the Queen Victorian Markets.  Amy Lockley, Bianca Smout, Jayne Kay, Lorali Grasslin, Abbey Hazebroek and Millie Roddy-Clarke provided service to others by handing out our spare food to the homeless people in the area.

We thank PACER for their contribution to this tour and the financial assistance it provides to families going on the HASS Tour.  This assistance has made all the memories above possible and is appreciated by St Stephen’s School.

Ms. Leeanne Shanks 
Humanities and Social Sciences/Biblical Studies

Christmas Appeal

Can you believe Christmas is only two months away?! Our School is once again supporting the UnitingCare West Christmas Appeal this year, supporting those who are disadvantaged in our community. Our community is encouraged to donate any food items from the list below, dropping the items to students’ classrooms or homerooms.

Donations open today and will remain open until the end of Week 7.


Congratulations to all our students involved in the 2018 Synthesis Exhibition and Film Festival!

This year showcased a range of exquisite works, from visual art and design to materials, technology and film.

And the winners are….

Synthesis Film Festival 

Middle School Category Years 7 – 10


Ashton Crompton, Lucas Hillary, Ethan Jackson and Adam Snyman – St Stephen’s School Duncraig

Film – Heartbeat

Senior School Category Years 11 – 12


Joshua Zimmermann – St Stephen’s School Duncraig

Film – Unfathomable


Synthesis Exhibition Award Winners

Principal’s Art Acquisition

Leah Schultz – Ya Mi

Principal’s Technologies Acquisition

Mark Pattenden – Menace Event Promotional Poster

Morgan Steven – Garden seat

Lower Secondary School

Visual Arts – Emma Charteris

Textiles – Madyson Campbell

Materials – Erryn Sinclair-Buckley

Hospitality – Rhianna Edwards

Year 12 Design Draw History Project

Promotional Pull-up Banner – Leah Schultz

Promotional Water Bottle Design – Taylor Ingvarson

Year 11 Design Menace Project

Event Promotional Poster

Highly Commended – Mark Pattenden

Second Place – Tim Shewell

First Place – Sophie Gardiner

Promotional Water Bottle Design

Second Place – Sienna Salfinger

First Place – Jason Gryg

Countdown to Synthesis Exhibition

Set up is underway for this Wednesday’s Synthesis Exhibition launch! Our School will be filled with creative masterpieces like this artwork by Cambell Boutle (Year 11), which captures her brother immersed in the music he’s listening to.

Be sure to celebrate the Opening Night this Wednesday, starting from 5pm in the Primary Village and then proceeding up to the Secondary Admin. Building which starts at 6pm.

Will by Cambell Boutle.


Year 11 River Cruise

The Year 11 River Cruise was a resounding success. 131 students boarded the MV Captain Cook in a spectacular array of fashion from decades past. Special thanks go to members of staff, Bronwyn Schultz, Stef Ntoumenopoulos, Greg Hatfield, Brendan Selby, Howie Jakeway, Jen Prosser, Bennet Andrews and Tracey Gray who joined us in fancy dress for the evening. Thank you also to the Year 11 student volunteers who helped with the planning of the evening, packed the lolly bags, transported the snacks and water to the boat on the night and decorated the boat: Ally, Charis, Dani, Ella, Gemma, Holly, Ruby, Shannon and Sophie.

We were impressed by the effort that went into the costumes, the spirit of community and fun, as well as the maturity and respect shown on the night.  Everyone had a fantastic time.

Prizes were awarded and special mention must go to Jason for coming as Al Capone complete with the scar on his face and a mob of nearly a dozen men. Tamzen came as ‘Rosie the Riveter’ from the American World War II wartime poster. Tamzen and Jason took out the top prizes receiving a $50 Westfield Shopping Gift Card each. Other individuals who won prizes included Michael dressed as Dennis Lillee, Sam as John Travolta from Pulp Fiction, Elisha as a 90s boy band member, Micah as a 1970s surfer, Cambell as a Go Go Girl and Tom as Russell Coight. There were so many groups of students that looked amazing it was very difficult for the judges (teachers) to make a decision. In the end, prizes went to the 1980s Aerobics Girls (Mikayla, Kayla, Alicia, Holly and Juliette) who went all the way in their lycra and leg warmers to even crimping their hair. Sophie, Abi B and Faye were great as 1950s girls and Stacey, Tegan, Sascha, Abi C and Dakota won a prize for coming dressed as 1920s Flappers. Other groups that caught the judges’ eyes but didn’t win prizes were the boys in purple, the Spice Girls (two groups – both incredible), the nuns, the hippies and Jesus and his disciples. Photos will be posted on the school’s Facebook page, Secondary Newsletter and other publications very soon.

Andrea Tinney
Biblical Studies Teacher / C3 Homeroom Teacher


Head of Learning Area – English and Languages Mr Howie Jakeway was recently asked to write a piece for the English Teachers Association of WA’s quarterly publication on the use of class blogs. Mr Jakeway’s informative article made it into the digital and printed versions of the ETANotes and has been shared internationally on the Edublogger website.

Read the article here:


Book Donations


You may be an avid reader, but the dusty pile of books in your room is starting to be a nuisance. You don’t have the heart to throw your old books away, but you don’t have much of a use for them anymore.

We need book donations to run another successful book stall at the fete.

Please bring any books you have outgrown or no longer need to Student Services or Primary Office.  If it is easier, bring them to the shed in the bottom car park.

Shed will be open every Tuesday from Aug 14, at approx. 7.45am – 8.45am.