UWA Visit

Today a group of Year 10 Students from St Stephen’s  were fortunate enough to spend the day chatting with top researchers from UWA about their careers and opportunities in the Sciences. Hearing so many stories from young science researchers creating new knowledge and understanding for the human race is an inspiration to us all.

The students were amazed at the incredible variety of science fields that are available and that these are open to students that have a passion to make a difference in the world and that the years ahead are in fact a very exciting and interesting time. And our young people will be at the forefront of this.

Charles Biddle

Head of Learning Area Science




Year 12 ATAR Visit

The Year 12 ATAR Biology students from Duncraig visited UWA and the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Science this term. They investigated nanotechnology learning how it can make cancer cells self-destruct, forensic anthropology to produce evidence that could be used in court and used biotechnology to identify disease. It was an amazing two days that gave students insight into the real application of their course to improve society.

Nicola Ross

Teacher Science


Over the past week our Year 9s have experienced the best of the east coast on the 2019 HASS Tour! Their travels through Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney have included a visit to Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, the MCG and the Royal Australian Mint. Between their busy schedule, they also managed to fit in a trip to the Snowy Mountains were some students learnt to ski for the first time!

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Year 11 and 12 Students explored the best art produced by graduating secondary and tertiary students today by visiting the Hatched National Graduate show at PICA and Year 12 Pulse Perspectives at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

An annual barometer of what our youth are thinking and feeling, it is also a rich celebration of the role the arts play in the development of individual identities, it’s an intriguing snapshot of Australia’s next generation of contemporary artists.


Holocaust Historian at St Stephens School

Year 11 students once again enjoyed a thought provoking visit from Mr Ephraim Kaye.  Mr Kaye is the Director of International Seminars at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem.

Yad Vashem is the national authority in Israel for the remembrance and Yr 11 Students were privileged to have such an estimated expert at our school to enhance their knowledge of the Holocaust.  Students were shown a presentation that encapsulated the idea that people were Upstanders, Bystanders or Perpetrators during the Holocaust.  It was interesting to watch the students pull these ideas apart and realise the vigilance needed in today’s society to be an upstanding citizen.

Once again, we were very grateful to have Mr Kaye visit us from Israel and appreciate his time and expertise.

Ms. Leeanne Shanks 
Assistant Dean of Alethea/Humanities and Social Sciences

Lou Morrison Kimberley Tour

Year 9 and 10 cross-campus students on the Lou Morrison Kimberley Tour spent time at Indigenous community schools, learning about the Indigenous culture and language, while running sport events and discos.

Below are a few snaps from the trip.


Andy Quilty Incursion

Year 11 students took part in a drawing workshop with award-winning artist Andy Quilty. The workshop focused on the notion of drawing as a process of discovery. Students developed important skills, employing experimental methodologies and risk- taking and introducing the notion of ‘happy accidents’ as fundamental to the art making process. Building confidence as well as technical skills, participants will gain the ability to take a more intuitive and exploratory approach to their work.

Claire Davenhall

Teaching Artist

“For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” – Romans 11:29