Y11 Human Biology Nutrition and the Body

In Human Biology we are learning about the effects of macro and micro nutrients in the body.  We had samples of common foods we eat and identified what food groups they belong to, and how the body would digest each type of food.  Georgia La Monte and Georgia McCluskey are the stars who got positive results in their experiment.

Shannon Fletcher

Science Teacher


Science teacher Mr Ben Nicholson, equipped with his GoPro, has accompanied our Year 11 Marine and Maritime Studies students on their scuba diving adventures this term. He captured some awesome footage of the students during their course, from when they began learning about the equipment to their open water boat dive off Rottnest Island. Take a look!


Y11 Biology students investigated the range of ecosystems down Busselton. They explored the underwater observatory and was amazed by the marine life, the beaches and their unique vegetation to sustain life in harsh environments, nocturnal organisms by spotlight and the awesome Ngilgi cave.

What an amazing world we live in!

Nicola Ross

Teacher Science


The theatre group Poetry In Action recently visited the Duncraig campus to present ‘Words of War’ to our Year 11 ATAR English and ATAR Literature students. The presentation focused on the works of Wilfred Owen, a WWI poet, and explored the potential and power of words to capture the inhumanity of war. Not only was the performance entertaining, it will help students in preparing for their Semester 2 exams.

Father’s Day Fund Raising

These Year 11 Students thought of a novel way to fund raise for their Cambodia trip next year by helping out at the Primary School Father’s Day BBQ.

A big thank you to Joy Ford and Primary School team who gave the students the opportunity.

Charles Biddle

Head of Learning Area Science