Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser – Sunday, 7th of January

Dear Tour Students and Tour Parents,

This coming Sunday, the 7th of January, a Sausage Sizzle is being hosted at Bunnings next to Whitford’s Shops by Alex S., Mitchell and Connor. Come on by and support the guys and their families in their South Africa Tour fundraising efforts. Be sure to pass the word to your friends and ask them to pass the word as well.

Good luck team! Be sure to let us know how you go!

-Mr. C. Osborne


Let the Countdown Begin…

Tour Students and Tour Parents,

I hope you are in the midst of enjoying a wonderful Christmas and summer break as a family.

Let the countdown begin! Can you believe that its only 100 days before we climb on board the airplane to take us to Africa. With that in mind, it is time to start checking things off your list:

  • Have you already started any immunisation program you may wish to acquire through your GP or travel nurse?
  • Have you organised a large duffel bag (or 2)?
  • If you are also an Australian citizen AND a South African citizen, do you have a valid passports for both countries (both passports are required for dual citizens)?
  • Have you ensured that there is at least 6 months validity remaining on your passport(s) for AFTER we return from Africa?
  • Have you prepared 2 certified copies of your passport(s) and your unabridged birth certificate?
  • Have you reached the required individual fundraising amount of $700? If so, keep going! 🙂
  • Have you placed a reminder on your personal calendar for the next student and parent meeting (Tuesday, 13th of February)? The student meeting is from 4-5pm in the GPLC and the parent meeting (with students) is from 5:30pm-7:30pm in the GPLC. Attendance for all tour students and at least 1 parent is mandatory, as this is our final meeting as a whole group before we depart.

-Mr. C. Osborne

Merry Christmas!!

URGENT: Sausage Sizzle Fundraising Opportunity for South Africa Tour Students

Dear Tour Students and Parents,

Lauren’s Mother (Donna) has received an eMail from the Activities Coordinator at Bunnings-Whitfords offering the opportunity for someone to pick up a Sausage Sizzle on offer. Please read the eMail below and respond to the Bunnings Activities Coordinator if you would like to take it up. I would happily take it for our group, however, I will be out of town on Boxing Day. It’s a great opportunity if you haven’t been able to secure fundraising opportunities yet, but you must be quick and contact them right away. If anyone takes it, please eMail me to let me know. Thank you, Donna, for passing this information on! 🙂

-Mr. C. Osborne

Hi Donna,

I am emailing multiple groups as i still have Tuesday 26th December (boxing day) available if your group would like another sausage sizzle date & it will go to whomever responses with a yes we can 1st.
For this date I can offer receipt reimbursement of the cost of the buns for the day to help make your profits higher.

Pieta Muste
Activities Organiser

Bunnings Warehouse Whitfords
CNR Endeaver Rd and Whitfords Ave
Post Office Box 1000
HILLARYS, Western Australia 6025
Phone:    (08) 9402 6000
Fax:        (08) 9402 6099

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Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser – Sunday, 17th of December

Dear Team,

Lauren, Caitlin, and Kianah are running a Sausage Sizzle at the Bunnings next to Whitford’s Shops this coming Sunday, the 17th of December. Be sure to go check it out (especially if you are running a Sausage Sizzle of your own in the near future). Pass the word to everyone you know to get there early to buy a snag, or two, and support your teammates.

When it comes to running Sausage Sizzles, the key is to be patient, have fun and always remember the long-standing Osborne family recipe….

Good luck to the girls and their families! Let us know how you go!

-Mr. C. Osborne


A job well done at the car wash fundraiser

Tour Students,

Thank you for your hard work at the car wash fundraiser on Tuesday. It was a HUGE success in may ways. Firstly, we are really proud of your efforts and how you came together as a team to achieve a goal. Secondly, many satisfied staff/customers have sent me emails relaying their appreciation for a job well done. Lastly, thanks to many staff donations, I have counted over $900 and there is more money still to be collected this week.

Once all rest of the money is collected, we will update the fundraising gauge to the right –>. I was impressed, once again, that many of you continued on to perform at the Awards Ceremony. True champions!

-Mr. Osborne, Ms Erasmus and Mr. Thomas


The ‘Car Wash Song’ from the movie Shark Tale sung by Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott. Enjoy!

Car Wash Fundraiser on Tuesday, 5th of December

Dear Tour Students,

A few reminders for you:

  1. This weeks lunchtime meeting will be on Monday (4th December) at 1:00pm in room GP05. Bring your lunch. We will discuss how we are going to run the car wash throughout the day on Tuesday and check in with your general fundraising.
  2. Continue to sign up staff members for the Car Wash Fundraiser on Tuesday. At the time of this posting, there were 8 spots remaining to fill and we’ve got 1 day to fill them!
  3. On Monday and/or Tuesday morning, bring any car-washing materials your parents will let you borrow. We need: buckets, sponges, towels/shammy’s, wheel/rim brushes, etc. You can store them in my office if you want to drop them off on Monday. You will take these items home with you after the car wash on Tuesday.
  4. You can wear ‘old clothes’ and your school hat to wash cars in, but bring your dry sports gear (shirt, shorts, socks, etc.) to change into afterward.

-Mr. C. Osborne

Cultural Immersion and Movie Night

Thank you everyone for a lovely team night on Friday!

We had a great time dancing, singing, learning Xhosa and watching Invictus.

I hope you went away with a new understanding of South African culture 🙂


Cultural Immersion Details

Here is a link to the hand-out we looked at:

Cultural Immersion – African Dialects-1sjdqoy

Remember that Xhosa is the language of clicks.

X (‘horse’ sound)

C (‘shame click’)

Q (door knocking click)

Try saying these clicks with vowels. 

You can watch the click lesson again as well.

Hamba kakuhle!!

(Good bye — Xhosa)


Miss Erasmus




Sausage Sizzle Success at the ELC

Tour Students and Parents,

It was a hot day today, but we pulled together as a team and persevered to run a successful sausage sizzle at the ELC today. In all, $310 was raised! Thank you to the students, staff and parents who supported us in this event, and a special thank you goes to the students who worked hard to make today happen.

Today marks 5 months until we depart for South Africa. For those students who haven’t made a start on your independent fundraising requirement of $700, I suggest that you set up an action plan and get started soon.

On another note, be sure to continue to submit your fundraising money via the ‘FUNDRAISING payments’ link on the tour blog (look to the right –> ). This allows us to do 2 very important things:

  1. It allows us help you keep track of where you are with regards to your independent fundraising.
  2. It allows the tour staff to accurately plan and budget for our service initiatives while on tour.

We’ll see you on Friday, 17th of November for the Movie Night!

-Mr. C. Osborne

Cultural Immersion and Movie Night

A reminder for Tour Students that we have our next Cultural Immersion Night on Friday, the 17th of November. In addition to some activities, we will also be showing the movie ‘Invictus’ (2009), starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. All tour students will need to be in attendance.

  • Who: Tour Students and Staff
  • What: Cultural Immersion activities and the movie ‘Invictus’. Popcorn, pizza and soft drinks are provided.
  • When: Friday, 17th of November from 6:00pm to approximately 9:25pm.
  • Where: Glenda Parkin Learning Centre (Yr. 7 Building) at the Duncraig Campus.
  • Other stuff: Be comfortable! Bring a pillow, bean bag chair, blanket, etc. (whatever you want to bring in order to get comfortable for a movie).


In preparation for this event, listen to the song in the video below, which is well-known in South Africa. It is a song about recognising the struggle and working conditions of mine workers and is intended to unite them by bringing hope to their lives.

-Mr. C. Osborne



Donations for South Africa

Tour Students,

A few of you have asked me about accepting donations to take to South Africa. While we do need to start thinking about collecting these items, we have not had a place to store them… until now. I have spoken with Property Services at the school and they have kindly offered us a 2m x 2m space in the P&C shed (next to the school car park on Doveridge Drive) so we can stack and store items until our departure in April.

We are looking to take with us donations of the items listed below (provided they are in good condition), so please pass the word on to your local sporting clubs.

  • Football boots
  • Netball shoes
  • Matching sports shirts (team shirts)
  • Sports equipment (bibs, pads, balls, etc.)
  • St. Stephen’s School clothing

If you would like to donate any items from the list above , please put them in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture (and any little critters) and you can drop them off at my desk in the Yr. 7 Staffroom. I have arranged for Property Services to open the shed during our lunchtime meeting on the 22nd of November so we can transport a majority of the items that currently  have from the staffroom to the shed. Of course, we are happy to accept donations beyond this date, so feel free to bring them in!

Check out how happy were children were to receive the donations:


Click on the link below to watch the children of J.J. Haven sing a song to St. Stephen’s Students after receiving clothing donations from them:

“We Bless Your Name”

-Mr. C. Osborne

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