Tomorrow’s the night!

I hope you are all excited for an enjoyable evening tomorrow night.  The weather looks great and tickets sales have been positive.  We are expecting about 150 people which will be fantastic.

A couple of details for students about tomorrow:

  • You will be picked up @ 3.30pm and transported to Carramar.
  • Your choice of clothes for the evening
  • Don’t forget to deposit your money through the link or hand to one of the tour leaders
  • Bring a salad to share. (Don’t ask your parents to do it!)
  • Let your family and friends know where to park and where we will be located.  It should be easy as the noise of the drums will be pretty easy to locate (see map below)
  • Have a practise at your drumming skills tonight at home in preparation!


See you tomorrow


Mr Thomas

African Drumming Evening

Hello All,

Some students have been asking what they are required to wear for tomorrow nights drumming extravaganza. You can wear what you like – school uniform is not required.

Kind regards,

Mr Merrifield

South African Drumming Numbers

Hello Duncraig Students,

This is just a quick reminder to please let me know the final number of tickets you have sold for the drumming event this Wednesday at Carramar as well as the salad you are bringing. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Mr Merrifield

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Important – Event Location Change

Due to a conflict of venues, we have made the decision to relocate the Drum for a Cause event.  It will now be held on the Carramar Campus Common.  Arrangements are being made to transport students to Carramar for the event.  We understand that this may be an inconvenience to some, however this decision was not taken lightly.

In addition we have been able to extend the time that the Drummers will be performing.  They will now start at 6pm.


It is a great night of entertainment as can be seen in the video below.


Meeting – Duncraig Students

Hello Duncraig Students,

Could you please meet Ms Everett and myself in A7 at the start of lunch tomorrow (Thursday 11/10) to discuss the Drum for a Cause event next Wednesday.

Kind regards,

Mr Merrifield

Bang the drum!

Welcome back to school after a couple of weeks holiday.  We hope that you had a restful and enjoyable time.

There is 8 days to go until our first fundraising night – the Drum for a Cause evening.  Hopefully you have been busy promoting the event and selling tickets to family and friends.  It is a really enjoyable night and I am sure that everyone will have a great time.  Remember that all the tickets that are sold by students go to their individual fundraising allocation so push hard over the next week!!

The afternoon will begin with a presentation to the students on the history of South Africa from 4 – 5pm.  We will then begin setting up the tables, chairs and bbqs for the evening.


If you have any queries or need more tickets, please see your Tour Leader.


Mr Thomas

Fundraising Deposit Link

For those of you ready to start depositing your fundraising money, the link below takes you to the relevant site.

Parents need to include the student’s name and ref in the box provided i.e. Josh Brown SAF FUND. There is limited space

but if you include FUND we will know it is for the South Africa tour.

If you encounter any problems, please let us know so that we can fix.


South Africa Tour 2019 Fundraising


Mr Thomas

Drumming Fundraiser 17th of October

One of our main fundraising activities the African Drumming For a Cause event is being held on Wednesday the 17th of October in the Quad of the Duncraig Campus. The evening will consist of a South African style braii and traditional drumming by the Akwaaba Drumming group.  It has been an enjoyable evening in the past where you can try your hand at drumming.


Students have been allocated tickets to sell for the event.  It is important to remember that ticket sales contribute directly to each individual’s personal fundraising targets.  We have encouraged each student to sell a minimum of 10 tickets, however the more the better.


Parent Info Evening Summary

For those who were unable to attend the recent Parent Info evening or those that wanted a summary of the info that was presented, the link below contains information that was discussed.  Importantly, families should be discussing and arranging passports, copies of birth certificates and vaccinations.  If you have further queries please discuss with one of your tour leaders

Parent Info Evening Summary


It’s been a busy and exciting term and we hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.  Next term will be full of sausage sizzles and car washes so get plenty of rest!


Mr Thomas

Meeting A7 Thursday 13th – Lunch

Hello Duncraig students,

Could you please meet Miss Everett and I in A7 today during lunch to hand out tickets for the African Drumming night on the 17th of October.

Thank you.

Mr Merrifield

Duffle bag sale – Anaconda

Anaconda Sale (thanks to those who have alerted me to this)

As discussed at our parent evenings, students will need 2 duffle bags for the trip.  Currently Anaconda have a sale until the end of the weekend.  The “club” price is almost 50% off and there is no cost to join.

I have attached a link to the bag that many students had last year but this in ways means that it is the only one avaialble.  I would recommend the 140L bags as the best size.

If you are unable to take advantage of this sale, don’t be too worried as they offer this a couple of times a year.


Over the next couple of days I will be adding the fundraising link, the parent evening summary and details for our exciting “Drumming for a Cause” event.


I hope tonight’s music recital goes well for those involved.


Mr Thomas