Sausage Sizzle meeting

Hello Duncraig Students,

Some students thought the meeting was at lunchtime and failed to turn up to the meeting today at recess. Could you please meet Miss Everett and myself in A6 at recess this Friday the 22nd Feb to discuss the sausage sizzle for the Duncraig Primary students on March the 12th.

Kind regards,

Mr Merrifield

Final Tour Payment Urgent

Dear families

Many thanks to families that have made their final payment for this amazing service tour to South Africa departing in April.

Our final payment to South African Airlines for the group of 21 in now due and unfortunately we are still waiting for some families to make their final payment, now well overdue. Please attend to this urgently.

Many thanks

Dr Mark Fielding

HIV Presentation

This afternoon we had Mat from the WA AIDS Council come and speak to the tour group about HIV and AIDS which many of the children at Sinethemba and JJ Haven have been exposed to.

Mat was very informative and dispelled many of the myths surrounding HIV and AIDS.


If you wish to find out more information about HIV/AIDS you can visit


Final Tour Payment Now Due

Thank you to all our families for their support of this amazing service tour to South Africa.

The final payments to airlines and other providers is now upon us.

The final tour payment ($1100) was scheduled for 11 February 2019. If you have not finalised your tour payments please action this now so we can meet our commitments for the tour.

Please click on the link below and it will open a payment link (paybeweb):

South Africa Tour 2019

Please contact School Accounts if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Dr Mark Fielding

Unabridged birth certificate

Hello All,

I am just letting you know that I mentioned in my last post that we need 2 copies of your child’s birth certificate and I said “unattached” instead of “unabridged”. My apologies. Thank you to the parent who pointed this out to me.

Kind regards,

Adam Merrifield

2 months to go!

Hello Everyone,

I was walking around the school yesterday and a student coming on the tour approached me excitedly to inform that it was 2 months to the day that we fly out to South Africa – not long now!

We would all like to say a massive well done to all of the students who have been raising money over the holidays. There are students who have already reached their $750 target, however, do not stop there…keep going!

I am writing to to remind you all of a few things:

  1. Please ensure you return 2 certified copies of your passport and unattached birth certificate to either Mr Thomas, Miss Everett or Mr Merrifield as soon as possible.
  2. Could parents/guardians please email Mr Merrifield as soon as possible ( stating that their son/daughter has had any vaccinations/injections you deem necessary and you are happy for them to attend the tour.
  3. If your son/daughter’s medical information has changed recently, could you please update this via the portal on the school website.
  4. Please transfer any money you raised over the holidays via the link or bring the money in to Mr Thomas, Miss Everett or Mr Merrifield to hand into accounts. This is because we would like to get an idea of our total amount raised so we can begin to plan projects that we can undertake whilst in South Africa.
  5. The “Boot Drive” begins this term, so keep an ear out for anyone that might be looking to discard their “pre-loved” football/soccer boots or netball sneakers. We can take all sizes so none will be too big or too small.
  6. Please ensure you have purchased a duffle bag (or 2) for packing the boots/sports clothes we’re taking over.
  7. Finally, if anybody was wondering about the “Live Music Charity Gig” organised by Emma Cooke for this Saturday the 9th of February then please see the attached flyer.                                                                                            Emma Cooke Live Music Charity Gig-21jdww0

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re looking forward to seeing you all his Wednesday the 13th for the Parent’s Meeting (with students from 5.30-7.30pm in GPLC). Students will also be having a meeting beforehand from 4-5pm in GPLC.

Kind regards,

Adam Merrifield

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Flight Details

South Africa Tour Flight Details

SA 281 Sun 07 Apr Depart Perth 2340; arr Johannesburg 0450

SA307 Mon 08 Apr Depart Johannesburg 0700; are Cape Town 0910

BA6323 Thurs 11 Apr Depart Cape Town 1135; arr Port Elizabeth 1245

SA422 Sat 20 Apr Depart Port Elizabeth 1615; arr Johannesburg 1750

SA280 Sat 20 Apr Depart Johannesburg 2115; arr Perth 1220 Sunday 21 April

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019 – I hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year period.

We are well under the 100 day mark now and things will seem like they are all coming in a rush before we leave. With that in mind, it is time to start checking things off your list:

  • Have you already started any immunisation program you may wish to acquire through your GP or travel nurse?
  • Have you organised a large duffel bag (or 2)?
  • If you are also an Australian citizen AND a South African citizen, do you have a valid passports for both countries (both passports are required for dual citizens)?
  • Have you ensured that there is at least 6 months validity remaining on your passport(s) for AFTER we return from Africa?
  • Have you prepared 2 certified copies of your passport(s) and your unabridged birth certificate?
  • Have you reached the required individual fundraising amount of $750? If so, keep going! 🙂
  • Have you placed a reminder on your personal calendar for the next student and parent meeting (Wednesday, 13th of February)? The student meeting is from 4-5pm in the GPLC and the parent meeting (with students) is from 5:30pm-7:30pm in the GPLC. Attendance for all tour students and at least 1 parent is mandatory, as this is our final meeting as a whole group before we depart.
  • The “Boot Drive” begins this term, so keep an ear out for anyone that might be looking to discard their “pre-loved” boots or sneakers.  We can take all sizes so none will be too big or too small.


We also have an event that Emma Cooke is running on February the 9th (Flyer) and there is a Sausage sizzle at Joondalup Bunnings on Australia Day.  What could be more Australian than going to Bunnings and having a sausage in a bun!  It would be great if you are able to support these events by passing the word around.  Please let us know of any other events that you may be running so that we can promote them.


Mr Thomas

Car Wash

The Great Aussie Car Wash is here!

Tomorrow at the Duncraig campus and Tuesday at Carramar campus.

Feel free to practice on your family’s car this weekend to make sure your skills are up to speed! 🙂


Monday 3rd December – Duncraig

Carramar students to meet at the Gym @8.20am for transport to Duncraig.  Make sure you have your lunch/food for the day. We will return to Carramar by 3pm

Wear PE uniform, hat, sunscreen

Bring any car cleaning equipment that you can borrow from home – buckets, sponges, chamois etc


Tuesday 4th December – Carramar

Duncraig students to meet at student services @8.20am for transport to Carramar.  Make sure you have your lunch/food for the day. We will return to Duncraig by 3pm.  Those students who are involved in presentation evening rehearsals, we will arrange for pick up once you have finished.

Wear PE uniform, hat, sunscreen

Bring any car cleaning equipment that you can borrow from home – buckets, sponges, chamois etc


Here something to get you in the mood….